“Please no cell phones or cameras!”


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
No cell phone’s please!

Today more than ever it’s important to remember this short sentence, “No cell phone’s please!”

It may seem weird to have to ask your wedding guests to turn off their cell phones, you may think they would know to do so already, but they don’t. An easy way to remind them is to add it into your wedding day program or make a sign for everyone to see when they walk into the ceremony site. Here are a few examples.

The same goes for camera’s. Your guests are so excited to take a photo of you that will more than likely miss the lovely vows you are exchanging.

As a photographer as well, when I’m shooting an event I’m so focused on getting the shot that I often don’t hear someone who may be trying to talk to me. The same goes for your guests. It’s not rude to ask them to put away their cell’s or camera’s. It’s only polite that they do. It’s amazing how such a small device can pull us out of the moment so quickly. More people need to get back to the moment and your wedding day is a good place for them to start!

Here is a good image that shows how distracting your guests can be and how they take away from your ceremony photos as well.

Thanks to the WeddingWire for this shot. It shows it so well. Look at all the cell’s trying to take pic that will soon go up on facebook or twitter.

Don’t you want your first wedding images that everyone see’s to be from your professional photographer? Not a blurry, bad angle iPhone shot!

Leave the work to your hired vendors. Your professional photographer and videographer will capture everything on your big day.

So how ever you decide to word it, remember “Please no cell phones or cameras!”


Guru's of Penmai
May 20, 2011
good idea ...........

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