10 Expressions to Know A Girl Is In Love


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
10 Expressions to Know A Girl Is In Love

There is an aura of love and it simply shows its hue when someone falls in love. For example, when a girl falls in love she expresses her state of mind by some subtle signs. Read here the 10 obvious signs a girl will show when she is in love with someone.

No.1 Subtle signs
A girl when is in love hardly she becomes expressive in terms of her utterances. Instead mostly she indulges on showing some signs of her special attention to the man she has fallen for. Her special interest ands attention should be taken as an assurance on her part.

No.2 Her interest in initiating communication
A girl when fallen in love will surely initiate communication with the person she has fallen in love. She will show her person urge to involve the same person into certain situation where she has opportunity to interact. Her special interest should be taken as an expression of love on her behalf. However, these communications should be all positive ones by nature.

No.3 Asking about well being
The girl will ask well being of the person she loves. It is the sign of her interest to start a relationship. Apparently it may look like a mere friendly gesture. However, it’s the part of her concern for the man she is in love and expression of love and concern.

No.4 Intention to come closer
Here works the chemistry of love. A girl in love with a man will feel attraction for him. Obviously she will feel urge to come closer to the man she loves. Her intention to come close of a guy she is fallen for is a sign of her expression of love for him.

No.5 Will be a good listener
She will act like a good listener. At least in front of boy she has fallen for. Her love interest will be shown by her attention she pays to him. She will play her girly charm to impress him.

No.6 Her relentless effort to draw attention
A girl fallen in love for a guy will try relentlessly to draw his attention toward her. Her feeling of insecurity will express her love for the man. She will prefer her man to have constant focus on her. On the other hand, she will always treat him as special.

No.6 Winking
Perhaps this is the most subtle sign of a girl when she shows that she is in love. Her wink is like as assurance. She winks only to convey her message of love to the man she loves. Most of the time the expression of the eye conveys the message that she is love with the man.

No.8 Blushing
It’s the deadly weapon of a woman. Its like the rose with red hue. When a girl is in love she blushes, feels good for herself and she tries to make herself look beautiful in front of her prince charming She acts either too shy or too extrovert. The imbalance of her behavior is the sign that she is in love.

No.9 Giving gifts
A girl in love will sure gift her lover now and on. The gift will be something special. She will be eager to show her sincere concern via the gift. Her intention to develop a relationship will be evident in her gifting.

No.10 She will love pampering
A girl in love will behave like a child at least in front of her lover. She expects her to be pampered by him. Her submission and her possessiveness about the man will stimulate her moves. Once she will get attention and care from him, she will feel fine and secured.

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