10 keys to your Man’s heart


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
10 keys to your Man’s heart

1. cook his favorites in the right way
win his heart by knowing how to make his favorite the right way. He might be a medium rare guy, he might prefer his meals over-easy. Schedule a dinner in and make him a good meal (not because you're a woman and it's your job to cook – because it's not – but because you want to).

2. Wear Lingerie
Yes, it's that easy. Lingerie was obviously created for men, not women. In fact, sometimes all that lace and leather itches. If you want to turn him on, go ahead and put something super-sexy on. Just do it tastefully, or you'll just look like a tramp. And you can't win a man's heart if you're a tramp.

3. Know the Score
Most men are into sports. Are you a sports fan? If not, familiarize yourself a tad with his favorite team or sport so you can contribute to the conversation when he starts talking balls and games. No, you won't be changing who you are by just knowing a thing or two – we're not telling you to lie and pretend you know everything about cricket. Just have something to say about it. He'll be ultra-impressed.

4. Eat Junk Food
We polled some men and the majority of them said it's hot to see a woman who likes to indulge in burgers, fries and pizza. Granted, a lady should never overdo it and must always eat politely, but the fact that you can hold your own and eat just like a man (well, almost like one) can be hot.

5. Give Him Freedom
If you really want to win his heart, lay off a little. Don't be that girl who's always keeping tabs on her man and not allowing him to hang out with his friends. Don't be attached to his hip. That way, it will give him an opportunity to miss you. Not to mention that his friends will love you for it, which brings us to our next point...

6. Be Good to His Friends
You think only ladies talk? No way. Boys talk just as much as we do. And to top it all off, men can be way more impressionable than women. They listen to what their friends say. If you want to get in good with your Man, get in good with his buddies. They'll boast about how cool you are and that will be permanently ingrained in his brain.

7. Meet the Parents
If you are the type of girl he would love to bring home to meet mom and dad, you're in luck. You're almost there. You'll know you have his heart after you meet his folks and they give him the okay. Most men are like women – they want a life of bliss, the kind of bliss where family gatherings are fun, friendly and fabulous. When you meet the parents, be your charming self.

8. Maintain Your Fabulous Self
Do you ever see those women (hoping you're not one of them) who, when they fall in love or meet a man, lose themselves? They forget who they are, stop engaging in hobbies, let go of their social lives. It's sad really. Just because you've found a man, doesn't mean you should lose yourself.

Maintain your life and all of the great things you were doing when he met you. Odds are, that's what attracted him in the first place. Don't lose yourself, so he'll always remember what he fell in love with.

9. Learn to Forgive
...To a certain extent, that is. We're not saying to forgive and forget the horrible stuff, but try not to sweat the small stuff. If he forgets to do the dishes, okay, discuss it. But don't become the man's mother and scold him for missed chores and being late. He'll likely get annoyed, and the worst part is, some of those mistakes were probably not on purpose.

10. Make Him Laugh
One key to a man's heart has a lot to do with giving him lots of chuckles. If you can be the beautiful, nice girl he adores and make him laugh, you're golden. Laughter means happiness and happiness will open up hearts like you wouldn't believe.

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