10 Most Incredible Mistakes Smart Singles Make


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]10 Most Incredible Mistakes Smart Singles Make[/h]

  1. Singles rely on destiny and luck to put themselves into a wonderful relationship and don’t take the responsibility for making a good choice, being proactive or developing healthy relationship skills.
  2. Singles set themselves up for an unbalanced life, (i.e.: a roller coaster ride), by bonding and committing too soon.
  3. Singles spend so much time looking for the “right” person they miss out on other opportunities to spend time with really wonderful, decent people who might turn out to be “the one.”
  4. Singles often settle for sex when they really want intimacy, connection, friendship, comfort and support.
  5. Singles play it so safe they rarely connect with anyone, they’re too afraid of rejection.
  6. Singles don’t learn from their mistakes and don’t invest or work on themselves.
  7. Singles focus on their short-term feelings (chemistry) and forget to see if core beliefs are a match.
  8. Singles get their hearts broken because they “see what they want to see” and give their hearts away to strangers.
  9. Singles believe too many myths, like there is a “perfect person” for them and “there’ll be no conflict when its right.”
  10. Singles run away from problems rather than working things out and having a mature relationship.

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