10 Shocking Health Benefits of Beer..


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Oct 15, 2011
Longer Life

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a 2005 review of 50 case studies, has revealed that generally, moderate beer drinker lives longer. Since one or two drinks a day, lowers the rate of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes, the study estimates that this prevents thousands of deaths in a year. These benefits are applicable throughout the world, as an earlier study in Europe believed that if the Europeans stopped drinking, the life expectancy might come down by at least two years.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Till recently only various types of wine was believed to be good for the health of your heart. But now studies reveal that beer might be good too, if not better. One Harvard study of many women revealed that those who had moderate quantities had reduced risk of developing high blood pressure, as compared to women who consumed wine or whisky. This is a significant benefit as increase in blood pressure might lead to heart attacks.

Reduce Risk of Diabetes

A Harvard research study found that moderate intake of beer reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes, by 25 percent. When around 38,000 men who rarely drank, increased their intake of either beer or any other alcoholic drink, to one or two drinks daily, this fact came to light. But if they drank more daily, this benefit was not seen. The studies found that moderate beer drinkers were protected against diabetes, because the alcohol increased their insulin sensitivity.

Guarding Against Stroke

The Harvard Schools of Public Health conducted a research which revealed that very moderate quantity of alcohol especially beer, can prevent strokes. Beer does not allow the blood clots, which clog the arteries, to form. So there are no blockages preventing the flow of blood. The blood flow is thus smooth not only to the heart but also to the brain and the neck. Thus common strokes like the ischemic strokes are prevented. Beer also reduces the risk of stroke by thinning the blood.

Boost Vitamin Levels

It has been found by a study conducted by Dutch researchers at TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, that beer increases Vitamin levels in the system. Beer drinking participants were found to have higher levels of B6 vitamin in their blood, as compared to non drinking participants. The levels were nearly twice as much as compared to wine drinkers. Beer also is said to contain Vitamin B12, folic acid, panthothenic acid, and riboflavin. Beer is also rich in silicon, a nutrient that is said to help strengthen bones.

Reduced Cancer Risks

When meat is pan fried it produces carcinogens more specifically heterocyclic amines, which are cancer causing. A study conducted in Portugal revealed that marinating such a steak in beer for some time eliminates almost 70 percent of these cancer causing agents. Scientists also discovered that wine and beer have the same level of antioxidants. But these antioxidants vary as the flavonoids found in grapes and hops are very different. So moderate drinking reduces cancer risks to a large extent.

Boosting Brain Health

Various studies have shown that a mug of beer daily may help prevent Alzheimer’s and other brain related diseases. A study conducted in 2005 which tracked the health condition of nearly 10,000 women, revealed that those who consumed one drink a day reduced the risk of showing weak mental ability by nearly 20 percent, in comparison to those who did not drink at all. It was also found that these older women, scored much better on an average, on tests of mental skills, almost behaving 18 months ‘younger’ as compared to the non drinkers.

Healthier Kidneys

One study conducted in Finland on beer and other hard drinks, revealed that the consumption of a big mug beer daily, considerably lowered the occurrence of having kidney stones by a significant percentage. It could be that beer’s high level of water content forced the kidneys to work to capacity and clear them out regularly. Dehydration, which causes the kidneys to become sluggish and increase the chances of getting kidney stones, is prevented by intake of beer regularly. It could also be that the hops in the beer reduced the leeching of calcium present in the bones. Since the calcium if leeched in this way could possibly end up as kidneys stones.

A Stronger Heart

In 2011 a review of earlier studies conducted by Italy’s Foundazion di Ricercar e Cura showed that having a pint of beer daily, reduced the risk of heart diseases by nearly 31 percent. This study involved around 200,000 people or even more and so can be trusted to be realistic. But it was also found that the risk of heart problems increased in those who consumed large quantity of alcohol, irrespective of whether it is wine, beer or any other spirit. Moderate drinking has proved to reduce, the occurrence of heart attacks. It has also decreased the number of people dying due to heart related disease by a good percentage, according to more than 100 case studies.

Stronger Bones

It is believed that beer generally has a good amount of silicon which is directly related to the health bones. In a study conducted by Tufts University and other centers, it was found that older men and women, who had beer or wine, daily, had better bone density. But increasing the drinks to above two daily, made them prone to bone fractures. A study on 100 different types of beers in 2010 identified that the pale ale, had the best bone buildings benefits, as this brew was the richest in silicon. The light lagers and the beers that did not contain alcohol were found to contain the least amount of silicon.


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