100% Pure Essential Oil Benefits


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Jul 5, 2011
Generally, essential oils are prepared by steam distillation of the roots, flowers, bark, leaves, or other plant matter. The resulting oil is usually clear in nature and not slippery, even though it is an oil. Sometimes oils are too delicate for distillation and a cold extraction with ethanol is used to remove the oil from the plant material. People have been enjoying the health benefits of essential oils since ancient times.

When one uses pure essential oils, a small amount is needed because they are as concentrated as they can possibly be. Because you know how far essential oils will go, they are very economical because their strength is standardized. Because they are not formulated beauty products, they are all natural and therefore less allergenic and irritating as well.

Beauty products such as creams, lotions, fragrances, and perfumes have specific purposes. However, they are of no benefit in therapeutic treatments such as that utilized in aromatherapy. This is an alternative medicine that makes use of the natural oils in plants for a person’s physical and psychological well-being. This can be achieved through methods such as inhalation and/or the application of the oils, which have been mixed with carrier oils, directly to the skin.

Aromatherapy involves a vapor of the essential oil being inhaled, coating your lungs and sinuses, and benefiting you depending on the choice of oil. Some oils have proven physiological benefits and are accepted in modern medicine and employed for a variety of uses. Some oils may have benefits that are as of yet unproven, either good or bad. Our advice to the readers is to always be cautious but definately enjoy the benefits of the oils. Watch some videos or read a few articles so you know what you are using and how and why.

Essential oils mixed with carrier oils are often used in massage. Some oils fight inflammation, others reduce pain, and many of them kill germs and fungus. Application of oils that kill germs and fungus and ease pain and inflammation are naturally very good for athletes. Some of the oils are said to help regenerate skin cells, however this is purely anecdotal and has not been clinically investigated by the FDA.

Some essential oils can be eaten. Peppermint oil helps digestion and has a relaxing effect. Another way to use oils is in the bath. Aromatherapy can take place in a nice hot bath with a good mix of the right oils. If you are congested, try five drops of eucalyptus oil in your bath. If you have a shower curtain or door close it and keep the steam in to breathe. It will clear you up quickly.

Most aromatherapy oils today are for lifting peoples spirits or exert a calming effect. For example, peppermint and neroli are natural sedatives providing a calming effect. Marjoram and clove are activating and stimulating. For real exhileration try some nutmeg or clary sage.

For health conscious women, essential oils are very beneficial for several cosmetic and beauty uses. Because they are natural and there is only one ingredient, there may be less to irritate you. Because the oils tend to put the user in a good mood, the body produces endorphins, which are chemicals that your body produces which make you feel good and stimulates healing and regeneration and enhanced immune function.

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