11 Hangover myths busted


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
11 Hangover myths busted

Monday hangovers can leave you with brutal headaches, irritability and nausea. In our attempt to make hangovers go away swiftly, we each tend to believe in our own set of hangover cures.

Myths concerning hangovers are as wide-ranging as perhaps the choice of drinks today. From jackhammers to herbal remedies, you've probably seen and heard it all. Here's a look at 11 such hangover myths. PS: Do your friends a favour and send them this post today.

MYTH #1: I'm used to hangovers. They're nothing to worry about. This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but scientifically speaking, hangovers can harm your nervous system. And did we mention lungs too? They can leave you dehydrated, dizzy and nauseated. And the morning-after can result in a weeker immune system. Reason enough to attempt avoiding hangovers, we think.

MYTH #2: I can drink as much as my boy friend. Even if the drinks are free on ladies' night, we advise you not to have a drinking competition with your man. He might just win it when it comes to the hangover department! This is because men have higher amounts of water in their body, which helps in fire fighting hangover symptoms.

MYTH #3: I don't drink too often or too much, so I'm safe. There is no doubt in the fact that people who binge drink are more likely to face hangovers, but this doesn't translate into zero hangovers for those who don't drink too much or too often. Hangivers depend upon your capacity and body composition. A good way to ward them off is to re-hydrate your body in between each drink.

MYTH#4: I am a wine lover. Hangovers are alien to me. Again, it depends upon your body composition and capacity. Red wine is full of tannins, a compound which has got a bad reputation for triggering instant headaches. Besides, wine does have a reasonable alcohol content, and will definitely give you a hangover if you indulge in more than a couple of units.

MYTH#5: I am a pro at choosing diet cocktails. Well, diet drinks are your best choice when you're counting calories. However, if you are trying to avoid the dreadful hangover, we suggest you pay close attention to quantity, quality and frequency, in order to truly be safe.

MYTH #6: I start with beer and then switch to other drinks, so I'll get a bad hangover. Hangovers have little to do with the order of the drinks, and everything to do with how 'much' you drink. The order of your drinks has hardly anything to do with your hangover.

MYTH #7: Two pills before bed and I am all set to fight the morning hangover. This is something which many of us get wrong. If you absolutely must, take a painkiller the next morning, since painkillers usually work for 4 to 5 hours only. Above all, avoid taking acetaminophen based pills, as it may interfere with your liver.

MYTH #8 : I drink because it helps me sleep well. On the contrary, alcohol disrupts your sleep levels by leaving you irritable, nauseated and dizzy. Not to mention all those loo stops you need to make after a night of binge drinking. Depending on alcohol for better sleep will lead to long term problems with digestion, body rhythms and discomfort.

MYTH #9: My after-alcohol drink is coffee. It helps in fighting hangovers effectively. Now this is the biggest myth of them all. Coffee, infact, leads to further dehydration, worsening your hangover. It is best to avoid coffee after a few drinks. Instead, drink some water. It'll help fight dehydration effectively.

MYTH #10: Ok, if not coffee.. herbal remedies are best. Aren't they? Well there is no convincing evidence mentioning the use of herbal remedies in order to reduce hangovers. We believe the only proven cure is time and yes, black salt and lime juice might help in your fight too - if only to replenish your body with the essential nutrients that a night of drinking deplete.

MYTH #11: Hangovers can easily lead to alcohol poisoning, but isn't that just for a day or two? Alcohol poisoning is quite a dangerous emergency, which might result in a serious hospital visit. Therefore to assume that a night of drunken revelry has given you alcohol poisoning is a bit extreme. However, too much nausea the night before, will leave you severely dehydrated and yes, that is not something which lasts only for a day or two. So, the best remedy is to eat in moderation, drink plenty of water and get some rest.

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