12 things you need to know about having a toddler!

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Aug 7, 2011
12 things you need to know about having a toddler

There are millions and trillions of things (from Grand Ma’s times) that we know about having a baby. But, there are scores of other unbelievable things about the baby that may come as a shock and no one has thought to prepare you for it! That’s where we come in.

  • Every Child Needs Love and Affection
    A kid, however small always feels the affection and love of the people surrounding him. Similarly, he distinguishes the hatred or wrath or any unpleasant situation. He may not understand the words or sentences, but can perfectly identify who loves him and doesn’t. It really helps in the overall personality development of the child.
  • Never ignore your baby
  • Parents should identify the first signs of their kids. If he cries, then there’s a reason behind it.
  • Set Good examples for them
    Kids gradually take up the habits of their parents and other influential members of the family. They may not do that intentionally, but habits of people they love and respect is eventually imbibed in them. So don’t blame them if they smoke after seeing their fathers or are rude, arrogant after a fight at home. Kids are the ultimate sufferers and victims of their parents’ fight. Also any other conflict in the house has a psychological affect on them. So behave properly in front of them.
  • Answer their queries
    Toddlers do ask many questions because everything is new for them. Do reply them with the right answers so that their sense of reason and questioning is maintained. It would help them to be good learners and perform efficiently at schools.
  • Teach him Politely
    The world is much more dangerous when the kid is mobile. He can scatter and throw things, paint and draw on walls. Stop him but don’t be harsh. Don’t beat him else it would consequently sweep all the creativity and innovation from him. (It may sound absurd, but it is really true).
  • Set Boundaries for them
    Tantrums are their birth-right. But it is the Mom’s job to set the right and required boundaries with stern but loving discipline. It is a thankless and exhausting job, but you will be glad you put your effort in the needed time when your infant matures into a respectful adult.
  • Give them time
    Give time to your kids. Discuss various issues with them, whether domestic or global, to boost their confidence and reasoning power. It would help them to become individuals having their own set of refined ideas and thoughts.
  • Teach him moral values to make him a nice human being
    Inculcate moral values in your child. For this, you should be clear yourself about your own beliefs and principles, and then share them with your child regularly so that they are aware and conscious of the sense of right and wrong. This would help them to become responsible individuals.
  • Be their Role Models
    Parents should be the ideal moral examples to their child to whom the kid can look up to in case of any conflict, or grievances and trust them completely. Remember, charity begins at home. Parents are the first teachers. They should remember school is basically for literacy and the real education is at home, where the child grows and imbibes his surrounding environment.
  • Give them time to grow up
    Transition from your child’s crib to the big bed can also be difficult at times. Even after you think you have reasoned out with and trained your toddler enough, you may still find yourself curled up on your child’s bed along with him, since he may insist sleeping with you.
  • Teach them to lead a healthy life
    Lot of sleep, healthy diet and proper regular exercise are important factor in the well being of the child. Healthy babies are generally happy and play around a lot. Their health is the most important factor in his as well as the parents’ life.
  • Do not take anything harsh to your heart, but instead teach your child to respect elders
    The older kids may at times break your heart and say unsavory things or even bully your little angel, at the parks or at the birthday parties. You would learn over a period of time that more than your toddler, it is you who has to take things in your stride and move on. Do not ignore such things but teach them politely how to
    behave with their elders
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