15 Tips for New Moms


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Below mentioned are simple yet useful tips for new mothers

1. Get adequate sleep, especially in the nights to work through the day. You body needs extreme rest in the initial few weeks of a delivery.

2. Preplan with your spouse or family members who will take turns with you in taking care of the baby. One person doing the job all the time can be too exhaustive.

3. Take a break from the routine. Don’t indulge yourself with the baby all the time 24X7. This can sometimes depress you.

4. Eat healthy food. Don’t overeat just because you are breastfeeding your baby. This may be bad for your own health

5. Exercise regularly. Ask your doctor for appropriate exercises before you start working on them.

6. Breast milk is “The” best for your baby, so don’t go on to try any other alternative

7. Drink lots of liquids, water is the best liquid if you are breastfeeding your little one.

8. Before you hit the bed at night, keep your baby diapers, extra pair of clothes etc. very near you so that you don’t have to go about searching for them in the mid of the night.

9. Never rock your baby to sleep. This may sound good initially but as the baby grows bigger and bigger it’s you who is going to have a tough time.

10. Exercise based on what your doctor has advised you. Never over do any exercise just for the sake of keeping yourself fit.
11. Since you are a new mom every day is going to be a new experience. So get ready to face many new things in life.

12. Enjoy every moment of your baby thoroughly. Once the phase passes away you can never get it back.

13. If your baby does not stop crying even when you carry him around, don’t panic. It’s a natural phenomenon. Crying is the only way your baby communicates.

14. Try to shop your post delivery needs much ahead of your due date because once the baby is in you just can’t step out of home for the first few days at least.

15. Try to hire a helper to ease things around you. This will be of great help to you and the baby.

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