17 tricks to take you from day to night


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
17 tricks to take you from day to night

Who says going from day to night needs time and effort? With even just one of these tricks you can be ready and set to go out instantly!

1. Red lipstick can brighten up your face and add a glam factor.

2. High heels can lift an entire outfit giving you a sleeker, leaner look.

3. Nothing is easier than slipping on a mini dress to look fun and ready to party.

4. A blazer dresses up any casual attire for the evening. Try a boyfriend blazer this season.

5. Voluminous mascara opens up your eyes and gives a fresh look after a long day.

6. Good hair puts anyone in the mood to go out, and all you need is a hair straightener to do the job.

7. The best way to freshen up your nails is to apply a top coat over your existing nail polish. It gives them a freshly manicured look.

8. There is nothing like some bling to add oomph to an outfit and a cocktail ring does just that.

9. To get an early morning glow, touch up your cheeks with a rosy blush.

10. Be it a head band, barrette or clip, hair accessories will make you look dressed up in no time.

11. Glowing skin on an evening out is a must. To achieve this use body lotion with shimmer.

12. A statement necklace will change the entire look of an outfit, adding glam instantly.

13. A night out is perfect with a chain sling minibag, which is easy to wear and just big enough for lipstick, your phone and a credit card.

14. Nothing brings a glow
to your face like a good bronzer.

15. A credit card is essential to take you from day to evening so that you are set to be a classy girl and pay for yourself.

16. After a yummy glass of champagne you will automatically be ready for a fun night out on the town.

17. Always be prepared with breath mints so your breath can smell as good as you look.

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