2 Terrific Exercises For The Lower Abs


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Jul 5, 2011
Ab exercises tend to be focused solely on crunches, but for the most part, many lower ab exercises actually involve the use of your legs. You are able to work these muscles by pulling your legs up and tilting your pelvis up and out. This action works the harder to reach muscles that are found in the pelvic area. You can also target these muscles with a more traditional approach to ab exercises. For example, you can perform a crunch by lifting your legs at the same time you raise up.

An exercise ball is one of the many helpful lower ab exercises because it assists in providing a low resistance form of exercise. If you want to add more resistance, then consider using resistance weights and bands. This can help you create a more advanced lower abdominal exercise regimen, while maintaining simplicity and ease of execution.

In order to perform a hip flex lower ab exercise that will have the most impact, the thighs are brought to the trunk. While these exercises mainly work your abdominal area, they seem to target the lower abdominals the most. Alright, let’s take a look at some of the best abdominal exercises to do, going from the easiest to the most intense.

The first exercise you should try is the ball pull-in. For this exercise, you will start with your feet on an exercise ball and your hands on the floor in front of you, in a push-up position. Do not allow your hips to sag. Bring your knees into your chest while keeping your spine neutral. Contract your abdominals and then extend your legs back out into the starting position.

The next exercise in abs training is called rocky abs and it involves lying on your back on a bench. You reach above your head and grab onto the underside of the bench in order to brace yourself. Now lift your legs up until your hips and legs are at a ninety degree angle with your torso. Lift your hips up, while raising your feet towards the ceiling. The only parts of your body that should be on the bench are your shoulders, head and upper back. This is just the starting position. You will now lower your legs until they are parallel to the floor, all the while keeping your hips up and off of the bench.

Before beginning any exercise routine or program, it is important to check with your doctor as well as a certified fitness trainer in order to ensure that you are healthy enough for the exercises and also that you are doing the exercise correctly, as you want to achieve good results. Lower ab exercises are a great way to tone your core. Finding abdominal cardio exercises that will provide you with what you need to get into shape should be your goal.
Feb 3, 2012
I jump rope and get my legs bouncing up really high, I heard it´s supposed to be good for the lower abs.

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