20 best before and after Holi beauty tips


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Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]20 best before and after Holi beauty tips[/h]

The countdown for the festival of colours has begun. All of us are eagerly waiting to let out our inner child with lots of colours and festivity.

But in the excitement of Holi, most of us forget to guard our skin and hair even when the truth is, harsh chemicals present in almost all holi colours can cause severe skin problems like allergies, breakouts and irritation.

Besides skin related woes, many can even face hair related concerns such as hair fall due to the chemical loaded gulals used. But these factors doesn't mean that you stay indoors as there are ways you can keep your hair and skin in tip top shape regardless. Before tips

Holi beauty tip # 1: Clothes can save you!
Ensure that the clothes you choose to wear should cover maximum parts of your body. The best choices would be high-necks or full-sleeves. The rule; the more you cover your body, the higher are the chances of saving your skin from colour harm.

Holi beauty tip # 2: Submerge your body into moisturizer
Wearing full clothes aren't enough as you should also rub some good coconut oil or moisturizer. Make sure you apply this shield all over your skin and allow it to be absorbed by the body for 15 minutes before heading out to play Holi.

Holi beauty tip # 3: Apply tons of sun screen
The dyes present in your holi colours can make your skin vulnerable to sun burns, and skin tan. Hence, make sure that after applying moisturizer, you also apply a coat of sunscreen all over your skin to prevent the risk of getting dry skin and pigmentation.

Holi beauty tip # 4: Colour your nails
Apply a thin coat of transparent nail colour on your nails to avoid colour stains on your nails. Dear men, even you can benefit from this tip.

Holi beauty tip # 5: Protect your eyes with goggles
Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body so protect them by wearing sunglasses or goggles while playing to prevent the colour from entering the eyes. Also keep your eyes tightly shut, when somebody throws water balloons at you. If by any chance, colour enters your eyes, wash them off immediately with cold water. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Holi beauty tip # 6: Cover your hair
Use a banadana or cap to cover your hair. This will protect your hair from the damage of synthetic colours by reducing contact.

Holi beauty tip # 7: Do some oil champi
Use some coconut or castor oil and massage your hair well right from every tip of the hair to the scalp of your head. Oil massage will act as a shield against harmful chemicals and dust which can cause dryness and hair fall. Besides, it will also help to take off the colour from your hair easily.

Holi beauty tip # 8: Water therapy
Before heading out to play, drink loads of water. This will help to keep your skin hydrated. Keep sipping in water at regular intervals while playing holi as well.

Holi beauty tip # 9: Holi clean-up
Need a reason to hit the saloon? We give you one! Go for a post holi facial clean-up. This will help to remove the residual grease and dirt on your face which can react with the chemicals in the colour and can flare up your acne.

Holi beauty tip # 10: Vaseline magic
Apply a layer of Vaseline on your nails and also beneath your nails. This will help to prevent stains on your nails as well as in the adjacent area.

Holi beauty tip # 11: Protect your lips
Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly, moisturizer or any lip tints on your lips. This will help to prevent staining on your lips and thus will prevent dry and chapped lips.

After tips

Holi beauty tip # 12: Wash off the colours
Once you are done playing Holi, switch yourself to the colour removing mode.The best time to wash off the colour is while you are wet, because once if the colours are dry, it becomes a little difficult to wash it off.

Holi beauty tip # 13: Washing technique
Use lemon wedges followed by a mixture of wheat flour and oil to remove colours and reduce its effect on the skin. Also apply lots of moisturizer post shower. Use mild soap and add few drops of lemon juice into your bathing water and rub your skin gently.

Holi beauty tip # 14: Condition your hair
During the process of removing colour, don't forget your hair. Wash your thoroughly and deep condition your hair afterwards. You can also apply some hair mask or simply oil your hair if they are dry.

Holi beauty tip # 15: Stay off from the salon Avoid bleaching, shaving, waxing, facials or any types of clean-ups for a week post Holi as it will just harm your skin. Give your skin and body some time to recover from the damage done by colours. Instead of hitting the salon, try homemade packs.

Holi beauty tip # 16: Avoid nail treatments
If your nails are stained with holi colours, then take care when you remove it. Also, avoid a pedicure or manicure for few days as these treatments can block the colours within and can damage the nail or the cuticle. Lastly, avoid using nail polish remover to remove the colour as it will damage the protective layer of your nail.

Holi beauty tip # 17: Face care
Remove the facial colour by using light jojoba or olive oil. Wash it off with a face wash and lukewarm water. End the regime by hydrating your skin with a good moisturizer.

Holi beauty tip # 18: Never rub your skin
Never ever rub your skin vigorously with soap or any other cleansing product to remove colour. This would remove less of colors and instead damage the skin more.

Holi beauty tip # 19: Avoid hair treatments
Refrain from styling your hair by using a blow drying or a curler, just after your holi party. This will damage your hair more and make them frizzy and dull.

Holi beauty tip # 20: Moisturize your skin well
When you are done with all the washing and cleaning, moisturize with a good moisturizer to help your skin to recover from dryness.


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Jul 26, 2012
Oh! very nice beauty tips you have given .thank you very much Vijigermany

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