20 Temptations to avoid for good health


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Jul 5, 2011
20 Temptations to avoid for good health

Temptation has always been luring on humankind right from the time God made humans. It started with Eve eating the forbidden fruit and it never stopped.

Temptation usually has some sort of consequence, which differs in magnitude.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 1: Hooking to smoke

If you want to celebrate your birthday or your success then celebrate it without lighting even a single cigar. Smoking or being in a smoky area, can be very disastrous to your health. Dr. Sunesara says - smoking even a single cigarette a day, can cause blood clots, which may prevent swift flow of the blood and hence develop plaque in your arteries and blood vessels.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 2: Being a Casanova

Sex with one person is fun and healthy, but sex with many can surely fascinate you but will land you in the hospital and attach you with several syringes. Have sex, but with a person whom you trust, and make sure, you use protection to stay away from STDs.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 3: Sleeping without cleaning your teeth

It is one of the most common things all of us do, after a tiring day at work. Most of just dine, sit and hop on our bed to snooze. Folks avoid this habit, sleeping without brushing your teeth can build a party time for bacteria's when you sleep, which can lead to gum infection and tooth decay.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 4: Touching your skin constantly

We all love to look great and thus constantly keep on touching our face after regular intervals. If you notice acne on your face, stop pricking it again and again. Touching your face constantly will just ruin the skin condition and will worsen the condition. Besides it will lead to scars and inflammation. Hence, stop picking at your face to avoid worsening skin issues.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 5: Binge drinking

Binge drinking, causes many deaths and hospitalisation all over the world says - Dr. Vihang. Binge drinking causes long term health problems like liver trouble and immediate problems like weight gain, dizziness and fatigue. To save yourself from such damage, the key is limitation.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 6: Eating junk for meal

Eating junk once in a week, won't blast on your waistline, but eating junk every single day of the week, will do all bad for you, because they are rich in trans fat, sugar, spices and artificial preservatives. As fast food is rich in bad fat, it raises the bad cholesterol in the body and leads to the hardening of the arteries, which can further cause plaque deposits.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 7: Making TV your sole-friend

Sitting for hours on the couch, watching that idiot box can put your heart and eyes at risk. Watching too much TV can put you at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity. The more you are glued to the TV, the more immobile life will affect your levels of fat and sugar in your blood. Besides, it also strains your eyes and causes damage to the refractive lens. To minimise the risk, keep moving around the house, during the breaks to be active.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 8: Sleeping late

Many of us, burn the midnight oil for exam preparations and work. But if this becomes routine, you will damage your body in the long run. Without 6-8 hours of good sleep, you are damaging your immune system and other body processes and systems. Due to lack of sleep, your immune system becomes weak and thus produces fewer 'germ fighters' - lowering your tolerance for withstanding common bugs in your environment. A good night's sleep also helps you stay awake and fresh throughout the day.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 9: 'Music' all the way

Music is the sole companion for some of us throughout the day. We listen to music to pass time, while travelling or while working out. But, if you have plugged in for hours, with no breaks, then you need to keep this temptation under check. Dr. Vihang says - listening to loud music via earphones, can cause hearing loss.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 10: Loving heels

Women who wear heels on a daily basis, do lots of harm to their bodies. Dr. Tina Mahendraker - Physiotherapist, Mumbai says - high heels can affect your posture, put pressure on joints - which can cause arthritis, back pain and tendon injuries and other heels related accidents. Thus to prevent such horrible effects on your health Dr. Tina says - limit your heels to not more than 1.5 inches, and wear insoles to reduce the pressure on your joints.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 11: Making food your buddy

Many of us tend to eat due to temptation. Temptation eating can disrupt your regular eating pattern, then your body will no longer send hunger signals and you may end up eating even when you are full. This extra eating can flood your body with extra calories and unhealthy ingredients, which can further cause serious chronic health problems like diabetes, heart problems and acidity.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 12: Pop a pill to save your day

If you pop a pill for regular headaches, menstrual cramps or normal tummy trouble then you need to stop now. Constant pill popping is an extremely harmful habit that will put your health at stake. Hence, always check with your doctor, before popping any pill.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 13: Avoiding breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - says Ms. Eileen - Nutritionist, Mumbai. If your entire breakfast comprises one cup of rushed coffee and a toast, then you're setting yourself up for an unhealthy future. This will affect your digestive system. Besides, it will also harm your energy reserves and negatively affect your metabolism.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 14: Skipping your workout

Take a break from your exercise regime once in a while, but missing it always is a different story altogether. Try to not skip your workout as far as possible, unless the reason behind it is something serious.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 15: Addicted to sweets

Having a fetish to crave your desire to sweet everyday can spike your blood sugar drastically. This can cause overproduction of insulin in the body, and leave you hungry. Thus, prefer to eat sweets occasionally.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 16: Being lonely

Some of us like to be isolated from the world, thus we break all bondages and be alone. Loneliness is very bad for your mind, as it will affect your immune system and put you at several health risks. If you spend most of your time obsessing over your loneliness, and any other social challenges, or whatever could cause feelings of despair and frustration, then you are harming your mental health, detaching yourself from people, and stressing your mind and body.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 17: Sipping extra cuppas

Every extra cup of coffee you have in a day, makes you closer to various health problems. Besides, the add-ons that you layer on your coffee, like whipped cream, fills you extra calories. Thus, if you are a coffee addict drink it with low-fat milk and skip the calorie-heavy treats, and don't drink more than one cuppa.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 18: Eating fast

When we see various dishes on the table, we tend to eat fast in order to try most of every dish. In this process, you can adversely damage your digestive system. In order, to avoid bloating and acidity, eat at a steady pace and eat only how much you can accumulate.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 19: Hungry for meat

Meat is delicious and you can try hundreds of recipe with it to make it delicious, but try to treat yourself with red meat occasionally. Red meat is high in saturated fat, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer.

Temptation to avoid for good health # 20: Checking your weight everyday

If you are trying to shed weight, then you maybe tempted to checking your weight every now and then. Checking your weight can make you obsessed with numbers and will hamper your diet. Thus, stick to your diet and check your number only when after certain time period.
Sep 18, 2012
This is really awesome mate,I am kinda surprised to see things type of new stuff glad to see it and i appreciate you for sharing it with us.
Keep sharing things like that it will help us a lot ahead.

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