2nd marriage any suggestions

Jun 16, 2015
i had recently separated from my ex husband after a very big fight, due to financial problems in both of our family. we didnt have any baby thanks god for that.

my parents now compelling me for 2nd marriage, though i said i need some years of time to come up from this, they are compelling me to marry my relative.

is this is right time or i have to avoid and wait until i am good.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @vasanthi rajen

Sorry to hear that your first marriage came to a split.

Yes....this is how will be the Parent's plight after their daughter's split marriage and they would compel her to get settled when a suitable person may be readily available.

They will want you to get settled in life as soon as possible and give birth to children. That'why they may compel.

I think, you and your parents would be very much familiar about the character of that specific relative whom your parents are suggesting.

If he is of good character, you can accept him.

Now what you can do is, if you like to accept him, please meet him and have a detailed talk with him in person.

Tell him about your present mind set and tell him that you need some time to get out of those shocks in your previous marriage.

Ask him whether he is ready to wait for you, say for a period of 6 months to 1 year till when your mind will be fresh enough to accept him without any hassles.

Hope , he would also understand your position and would accept your obligation/request.

Within these 6 months or 1 year, you will also be able to understand him and get relieved from the leftover thoughts of the previous marriage.

If he is trying to talk over phone or meeting you once in a while during this time, please do not avoid him, but talk with him as a friend. Understand him and his characters during these talks.

Then it will be easy for you to come to a conclusion.

Little by little you will be able to accept him.

After your initial talk with him, tell your parents also about your decision.

All the best.

We pray for your successful married life with children.

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