3 new ways to get lean and fit


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
3 new ways to get lean and fit

Redesign your body with TRX Suspension Training
TRX is a regime that can be done anywhere, anytime and offers an effective total body workout in just 30 minutes. Ganesh Nihalkunj, fitness consultant and personal trainer from Mumbai explains, "This is a resistance training system where you use your own bodyweight to burn calories.” TRX consists of a Y-shaped nylon strap that can be adjusted to fit just about anyone. It also has padded handles which can be attached to any sturdy horizontal support to get started. "Here, either the legs or the upper body are kept off the floor. So, when your body is in a suspended position, your stability and mobility are challenged the most and your core muscles are active all the time," adds Nihalkunj.

TRX enhances balance and stability, and increases joint flexibility. It enables hundreds of core strengthening exercises for every fitness goal. "Interestingly, since you are only using your own bodyweight, there is a low chance of injury," informs Nihalkunj.

Increase fluidity and balance with Acro Yoga
AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. Singapore-based yoga expert, Manish Pole says, "While performing Acro Yogasanas, one is suspended within a sling-swing sort of cloth-based contraption. It's almost as if someone were doing yoga on a trapeze. As an Acro yogi, you benefit from the emphasis on flexibility and balance. Emotionally, the swinging helps overcome fears and inhibitions. Also, the lack of a natural groundedness means that you remain more aware and mindful of your movements."

Acro Yoga has quite easily been the yoga trend of 2011, starting off in the USA, by yogis looking for something new and exciting. "As a novel thing it seems fine. However, will India trade the traditional floor yoga-mat for the swing this year now that it has percolated here is for us to see?" ponders Pole.

Gain strength with Wobble Board Workouts
Wobble board workouts promote core strength by forcing a person to maintain balance throughout the fitness session. This is because wobble boards use an unstable bottom, similar to a platform with a saucer underneath it.

Nihalkunj explains, "Core muscles apart, wobble boards also work the arms as they remain outstretched to balance the body. The legs are also strengthened, pushing weight from side to side as the board wobbles. Yoga, done on the wobble board is more effective, forcing a person to maintain extra balance. Also, weight-lifting workouts, enable one to isolate the correct muscle, while keeping the rest of the body focused on staying upright. Plus it helps build fab abs when abdomen muscles are employed to keep the body straight."

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