3 Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe


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Jul 5, 2011
During the early part of the summer 2010, a 4 month old girl from Royal Oak MI died in a Nap Nanny that had been placed in a crib. Without having some kind of “safety radar” – which you only get with practice – it must have seemed like a safe thing to do. Contain the baby in the Nap Nanny, and to help keep her in, put the whole thing in her crib. How can you know that what you’re doing is safe?

Be Aware of Your Baby’s Limitations

You need to know your baby’s current limitations, but also know what milestones are on the nearby horizon. You would never leave a two week old baby, even for a second, on the diaper changing table, but if you did, it would probably be safer than leaving your 5 month old who is crawling. The more active baby is, the more perilous unsupervised situations and products can be.

A 5 month old will roll over and off if you just turn around, and the two week old can’t even hold her head up, so the key here is to see what level of mobility is next. Will she be able to drag herself off the dresser soon? What can she get into? Does she play on her play mat still unable to crawl, but you see that she is trying and will SOON crawl? You want to plan your safety for what he can almost do, because the last thing you want is baby’s first roll-over to be unwitnessed, in a place that can get him stuck and injured.

Know What the AAP Recommends For Your Baby’s Age and Stage of Development

In spite of what your mother in law tells you, it really is “Back To Sleep”. The authority is the American Academy of Pediatrics. Putting your baby to sleep on his back decreases his chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is responsible for more infant deaths in the United States than any other cause during the first year of life (beyond the newborn period).

The exact reason for this finding is not certain, but it may be related to findings that suggest that an infant who sleeps on her stomach gets less O2 or gets rid of CO2 less because she is “re-breathing” the air from a small pocket of bedding pulled up around the nose. This advice includes keeping blankets out of the bed and other soft object until after 12 months of age, and pillows out until after two.

It Isn’t Necessary To Always Have Baby Sleep in the Crib

Many manufacturers of carseats exist which make the upper attachment a bassinette which can be carried around and set down. Baby sleep next to you, under your supervision in the car seat. Babies can sleep in something like the pack-n-play. The same safety recommendations apply – keep blankets and pillows out. And, especially as baby gets older, don’t wedge the bassinette or pack-play bag in between furniture as a barrier to escape. Partial escape is where the danger lies; when a baby gets halfway out and gets stuck. Better to let her sleep in a carseat or stroller, depending on her age.

Think about what your baby is nearly able to do before setting her down unsupervised somewhere and you should be fine.

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