3 Ways to Deal with the People Who Drive You Nuts


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
3 Ways to Deal with the People Who Drive You Nuts
[h=3]Start With Stillness[/h]Before engaging with a difficult person, spend a few minutes trying to adopt a more receptive frame of mind. Go for a stroll, meditate, or breathe deeply to center yourself—you'll be less likely to blow up. If tempers do flare once you start talking, take a short break to regain perspective before approaching your nemesis again.
[h=3]Let it Go[/h]Holding a grudge won't make a person change her behavior—you don't have that much power over someone else. To move on, repeat this mantra: "Her actions take up too much real estate in my brain. If I move them out, I can live freely.
[h=3]Give and You Shall Receive[/h]Do the unexpected and give your foe a gift: your undivided attention. ask her open-ended questions; she'll feel heard and more inclined to consider what you have to say. Plus, research has shown that offering even a small act of kindness can boost oxytocin levels, meaning you'll likely feel better about your relationship for that reason alone.


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