30 Things that make Mr Perfect


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
30 Things that make Mr Perfect

A new survey has shed light on 30 must have qualities that women seek in their ideal man.

For a start, women want him to be earning a well-above-average 48,000 pounds a year. And he is expected to love shopping and watching TV soaps, the Daily Star reported.

The survey, for clothing store Austin Reed, revealed that the ideal partner checklist also includes having a stylish dressing sense and a hair-free chest.

The list includes:

Six foot tall.

Muscly, toned and athletic.

Brown eyes.

Short, dark hair.

Smart dress sense.


A beer or lager drinker.

A non-smoker.

Wears smart jeans, shirt and V-neck jumper.

Gets ready in 17 minutes.

Earns around 48,000 pounds a year.

Wants a family.

Loves shopping.

Eats meat.

Watches soaps.



Enjoys watching football.

Drives an Audi.


Earns more than his partner.

Jokes around and has a laugh.

Sensitive when you are upset.

Tells you he loves you only when he means it.

Admits it when he looks at other women.

Has a driving licence.

Can swim.

Can ride a bike.

Can change a tyre.

Rings his mother regularly.
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