32 Principles That Lead To Happiness


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
32 Principles That Lead To Happiness

  1. You matter. You are an integral part of life. Not a leftover or afterthought. You belong. Actually you are the source, the cultivator of life.
  2. Happiness is Love. Love is happiness.
  3. Choose to see love and you’ll feel happy.
  4. The default belief system is The Economic Mindset.
  5. The Economic Mindset leads to instability and so insecurity. The Eudaimonic Mindset leads to sustainable security.
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  1. Things are only symbols for feelings.
  2. Attention is power.
  3. Time is the unit of measurement of your power.
  4. Dilution of your attention leads to dilution of your power.
  5. Be your own source.
  6. Build your life on a sound foundation.
  7. Paint your own picture. Don’t be a mass replica.
  8. Emotional Health is just You, being You.
  9. Understand and use the Human Operating System rather than letting it using you.
  10. Understand your role in creating Emotional Intensity.
  11. You are an Emotion Manufacturer.
  12. Friction and Disharmony are essential and perfect.
  13. Fix the shattered mirror to Find Yourself.
  14. Develop Your Own Life Philosophy.
  15. Become the Master of your destiny.
  16. Use these three keys to life to unlock Happiness, Love and Success.
  17. Master Self-Esteem.
  18. Master Your Relationships.
  19. Choose your Partner versus Needing them.
  20. Create your ideal relationship versus Comparing to others.
  21. Differences: the source of growth and improvement.
  22. Create Motivation that lasts.
  23. Use this three-step process to build the life you want.
  24. Don’t let fear hold you back.
  25. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.
  26. The Deserving Myth.
  27. How to have everything.

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