4 Ways to Increase Walking Speed


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Jul 5, 2011
4 Ways to Increase Walking Speed

1. Stretch for Speed
A proper warm up before walking is a great way to increase performance. The best way to warm up for your walk is by taking a few minutes to stretch your arms, abs and legs. Stretching increases circulation, helps remove toxins from the muscles and works to get your muscles warmed up for your walk. After a good stretch, you will feel lighter and your muscles will perform better, a quick and easy way to increase speed and prevent injury. Don't forget to cool down with some stretching after your walk as well.

2. Stride for Speed
Contrary to popular belief, taking longer steps will not help you to walk faster. In fact, a long stride will most likely slow down your pace and make you tired far before the end of your walk. Short, fast steps however, can increase your walking speed. The trick is to swivel slightly from the hips as you reach forward with the feet. The swivel action of your hips will cause your body to twist a bit from side to side so that your toes point out as your feet hit the ground. Your focus should not be on trying to take longer steps for a faster pace, but on making lots of smooth, easy strides to move you along quickly.

3. Fast Arms for Fast Feet
In order to get your feet moving forward at a faster rate, you will need to pump your arms faster as well. For every step of your feet there is an equal arm movement, but with your shorter pace, you can increase the rate of your walking pace by simply pumping your arms a bit faster. For faster arms, keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees which helps to shorten the swing. Keep your hands cupped, but relaxed and with each arm swing, your arms should move elbow to wrist or wrist to elbow at the side of your waist

4. Posture for Pace
Proper walking posture is essential if you want to walk faster. Keep your chin up and your gaze towards the horizon. When speed walking, you use every muscle in your body, so engage your abdominal muscles not only to protect your back, but also to increase your pace. Additionally, tucking your tailbone under will help with the swing action of your hips, increasing walking speed as you swivel your body forward.


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Feb 20, 2012
Nice tips to increase walk. Walk is my favorite exercise and i do it regularly. I will try to follow these tips to increase my walking speed. Anyway nice post and very interesting.
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