4 Weeks Old Baby Development


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Jul 25, 2011
Your recovery process is slowly getting there. You may feel a little bit soar still, but in just two weeks, you should feel like you did pre-pregnancy! As for as your baby, they are continuing to develop more and more each day. Interested in seeing how they’re developing? Continue reading below!

4 Weeks Old Baby Development:
  • Your baby might be making a lot of noises like laughing, crying and cooing.
  • He might even be capable of smiling now!
Seeing our babies smile for the first time is really breath taking! It’s one of those picture-perfect moments we really want to capture! They will be giving a lot of smiles during this time especially when they see you, but you probably won’t know if it’s you he is smiling at or if it’s because of gas. But really, those smiles are just way too cute!

  • During this time, your baby still cries a lot since this is their only way of communicating to you. It is their way of saying that they are hungry, they’re not comfortable, or they need your attention. Always give your baby a lot of attention since he is still very dependent to you. This might also be the time your baby develops colic. Though it is pretty normal to babies, it is still recommended that you pay a visit to your doctor to know if his crying is normal or not.
TIPS: Playing with your baby is a great time for him to learn a bunch of new things. This will help his development, as well as coordination and mobility. Try giving him toys that can help with movement in his arms, hands and fingers. It would also be great if you would join your baby’s playtime!

  • This time, he may now be able to discover his hands and feet! Looking at his own hands and laughing while trying to move them might be expected. You can help him explore new things by holding his tiny arms whilst reciting poems or singing tunes. This is also a great time to introduce a baby rattle if you haven’t already!
  • He may also produce more sounds other than crying. He will begin to laugh, gurgle, hum and coo, just to express how he feels. Also, whenever he discovers these new sounds, be sure to acknowledge them by cooing back to him. This is a good way of communicating and relating to him.
Babies are really fun, especially when you notice how they have improved so quickly. Just be sure to give them everything they need since they still have a lot of growing up to do. Also, be sure to pay a regular visit to his doctor to monitor his growth and development.

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