5 Face Masks Using Besan


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Jul 5, 2011
5 Face Masks Using Besan

Besan is an ingredient that is used both in the kitchen and also as a beauty product. The effects of gram flour or besan on the skin are widely known in India. That is why face mask recipes using besan are more like grandmother's tales in our country.

These face mask recipes are handed down generations from mother to daughter.
Gram flour has a lightening effect on the skin. So if you want to get rid of stubborn tan, apply besan on your skin. Moreover, besan also has an antiseptic effect on the skin. So if you are prone to acne, then too you can try the face mask recipes.

1. Haldi And Besan Facepack:
The combination of turmeric and gram flour is an ancient secret of Indian beauty. On the occasion of a wedding, this mixture is rubbed on the bride and the groom. The main benefit of this face mask is skin lightening. Besan combined with turmeric is supposed to make you fair and give you a natural glow.

2. Besan And Milk Facepack:
Use about a half a cup of milk to make a thick paste out of besan powder. You can add a spoonful of honey to this mixture to make it sticky. This face mask recipe gives you more than fairness. Its the milk and the honey that hydrates your skin from within. This is the perfect face mask for winters because it leaves your skin supple.

3. Besan With Lemon & Almonds: This face mask recipe combines the skin lightening properties of besan with the antioxidants and vitamin E in lemon and almonds respectively. Soak the almonds overnight and without peeling, grind them. Now add lemon juice and a spoonful of besan to it. Due to its grainy texture, this can be a very good facial scrub. Apart from lightening your complexion, besan clears your skin by lightening the dark spots.

4. Besan And Egg Whites Facepack: Is your face infested with ugly oozing acne? Then egg whites are the best ingredients to go with besan for you. Take the white portion of 2 eggs and whisk it well. Then add a spoonful of besan and beat it until the mixture is uniform. Then apply it on your face and leave it for ten minutes. Egg whites soak the excess oils from the pores so that you don't end up looking like a frying pan.

5. Besan And Curd Facepack: When the heat is up, cool your skin by applying this facemask. Curd has cooling properties that is essential for facial skin care. Combining curd with besan will vanish your tan and have a cool soothing effect on your skin. Always remember, some of the breakouts happen because of the heat under the skin.
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