5 healthy and nutritious winter foods:


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Jul 5, 2011
5 healthy and nutritious winter foods:


The green leafy vegetable has many health benefits. Grown in winters, spinach is low in calories so aids weight loss. Moreover, it has flavonoids that has anti-cancer properties, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc and manganese and other antioxidants that reduces high pressure. Most importantly, spinach cleanses out the system and helps bring glow on the face.


These acidic citrus fruit helps burn body fat and get a glowing skin. This winter food is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorous, sodium and iron to name a few. The juicy sweet and sour oranges cures constipation, lowers bad cholesterol, keeps sperm healthy, lowers high blood pressure, prevents kidney stones and protects the skin from free radicals that leads to ageing and damaged skin. You can either have raw oranges or grind them to make juice

. Kiwi:

Even this winter fruit has many health benefits. You can definitely include this nutritious fruit in your winter diet. It has a high fiber content and the dietary fiber controls blood sugar levels and prevents colon cancer. It is believed that kiwi has more vitamin C than oranges. So, now you have one more reason to add kiwi as a topping on your sweet dish.

Green peas:

You should add this green winter food in your dishes. The little pop ups can be consumed raw or boiled for adding as an ingredient in a dish. If you are feeling lousy on a winter morning, pop few raw green peas. It boosts your immune system and also keeps you active. Moreover, green peas are low in calories, vitamin rich and prevents insulin resistance.


This dark red vegetable is very nutritious and you must include it in your winter diet. Beetroot increases blood count and blood flow in the body. Have it to flush out toxins, have good blood count and get rosy red cheeks.


Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
dear Viji, you have given very useful details of five vegetables of winter. Beetroot, green peas, kiwi, oranges and spinach will be very much useful vegetables for the winter. thanks

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