5 Pregnancy Accessories To Pamper You


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
5 Pregnancy Accessories To Pamper You

The 9 months of your pregnancy is the only time in your adult life when you can be thoroughly pampered. Your mother will start treating you like a 3 year old again, you husband will go back to treating you like a princess like he used during your courtship. Even your mother-in-law will start caring for you like her own daughter! So to make the most of your pregnancy get these accessories to indulge yourself.

The pregnancy accessories mentioned here are things that you do not necessarily need. But you would definitely like to have them as a pregnant extravagance. The pregnancy pillow for example, is not a necessity but a luxury that you may want for yourself.

Pregnancy Accessories To Pamper You:

1. Pregnancy Pillow: This is a special like of recliner come pillow designed to soothe your pregnant form. During the later stages of your pregnancy, sleeping comfortably is a distant dream. This is the time when you have the maximum urge to curl up and rest your well rounded form. Most pregnancy pillows are in the shape of loop that allows you to curl up comfortably and provides support to your belly.

2. Maternity Legging: When you stop fitting into the largest of your clothes, a pair of maternity legging will be your saviour. They look trendy and go with everything. But the best part is that they support your growing belly on bumpy rides. These leggings do not allow your tummy to jump around and disturb the baby. This pregnancy accessory might be worth your money and you may whim to have a few pairs in different colours.

3. Pregnancy Cosmetics: The most important cosmetic products that you need during pregnancy is a body lotion or cream that stops stretch marks from appearing. Shea butter or cocoa cream are supposed to be very effective in minimizing stretch marks. There is also a really decadent feeling about rubbing loads of expensive lotion on your skin when your pregnant.

4. Foot Massage Kit: When you start nearing the end of your pregnancy, your feet will bear the brunt of all the excess weight you have put and hold it together on. So sore feet in the third trimester is as common as morning sickness in the first trimester. To pamper your poor feet, you need an ensemble of foot sauna, foot cream, aromatic oils and a free messier!
5. Baby To Be Album: Usually the mother to be has a lot of time on her hands, especially in the later part of her pregnancy. The doctor advises lots of rest but you get bored resting. So a baby-to-be album will help you kill time by filling in all trivial. It is like a scrapbook for the baby to come.

These pregnancy accessories will help you pamper yourself to the fullest during your term.

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