5 Secrets To Lose Fat — Retain Muscle


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Jul 5, 2011
How about a lean body? Are you frustrated with fat? Check out these 5 simple rules to build muscle and eliminate fat.

1-Look to lose the fat consistently and slowly. 2 pounds at the most each week. Don’t be in a hurry. You’ll fit into your new dress or look fabulous on vacation in time. The best goal is to remember that slow and steady is the best course and you’ll look great when you reach your goal.

2-Be sure to eat 5 – 6 small meals all day long. You can stop the cravings for junk, i.e. chips, bagels, cookies, etc and remain satisfied all day.

3-DO NOT skip a meal. You will lose muscle and this is what we want to keep and build.

4-Drink plenty of water. Haven’t’ you heard that before? Still true– because having enough water helps you keep muscle. That’s our goal, remember?

5-Always eat some form of protein at every meal or snack. This is the real ‘secret’ to keeping muscle and building more muscle. Shhh, don’t tell those you want to compete with.

No pill can make you lean. Don’t be taken in with any quick fix promises, even if they sound good. Swallowing a pill will not create washboard abs. You are smart enough to know this.

Best Tools to Achieve Your Goals Only Way to Success–Nutrition

* Eat whole, natural healthy foods in balance
* You must eat breakfast, healthy foods, no bagels or donuts or empty carbs or sugar
* Eliminate processed foods, especially those loaded with processed sugar
* Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, best if fresh or frozen. You can shop at local farmers markets.
* Water is very important. Fresh, filtered water.
* Eat healthy snacks that include protein e.g. cheese sticks, yogurt, nuts
* Eliminate margarine, eat butter.
* Eat whole grains, breads and pastas. If you can find sprouted bread that is great because it contains protein.
* Colorful meals will keep you interested and healthy. Be creative and use new foods as often as possible. You don’t want to get bored and crash your plan.

Here’s some color suggestions: red=beets, orange=carrots, yellow=squash, green=brussel sprouts, blue=blueberries, purple=cabbage, white=cauliflower. See that was easy.

Dedication and commitment will transform the fat into lean muscle. Be reasonable, set your achievable goal and start today.
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