5 Things That Babies Love Doing


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
5 Things That Babies Love Doing

A baby always ushers happiness into the life of family members. But, at the same time you get loaded with many worries and concerns. When a baby grows he/she is into a lot of mischief. They start extending their hands and legs to a lot of mischief. There are a lot of things that babies love to do. And they get more interested in the things that they understand are restricted for them. Here are a few things that most of the babies love doing.

Pulling Hair- If you are a new mother and have long hair then better be careful. There are high chances that you are going to lose a lot of hair this time. A child for some unknown reasons gets fascinated by long hair. And hence they love to give it a pull. It doesn't matter if your baby is naughty or not, this is one of the most popular baby activities. But be careful that your baby does not put unhealthy things into his/her mouth. It might upset their stomach.

Mobile- What do you think? Mobiles are not only for the grown-ups. Even babies love to have them. Though for them it is just a toy. You can never predict the activities of your baby. They will always be into some mischief. The ring tone and blinking lights of the mobile phone attracts your baby and he/she become restless. Some babies grow so naughty then they even go up to the extent of getting in your lap and then snatch the mobile phone from your hands. And then if they do not like it, they will simple smack it down on the floor.

Ornaments- Babies love to pull at the ornaments of their mother and all other ladies in who take them in their laps. They will pull you down with the chain or earring you are wearing. That is why mothers should avoid wearing ornaments when their babies are small.

Spectacles- You must be very careful if you have spectacles and want to take a baby into your lap. All babies love to pull spectacles off the face and then throw it away. They get attracted to this special feature on the nose of a person.

Put In The Mouth- All babies love to put things into their mouth, no matter what they are. They of course do not develop the sense of what is good for them and what is bad. Such kinds of baby activities are to be specially taken care of.
This habit especially develops at the time of teething. Give a nipple in their hands so that they put it into their mouth instead of anything else.

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