5 Tips To Clean Toenails Naturally


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Jun 8, 2011
Beautiful toes can make you feel comfortable when wearing slippers or going barefoot. Well, to have a gorgeous feet, you have to maintain them. Many people face a problem in caring for their toenails. Whether you wear slippers or shoes, your toenails are prone to bacteria and fungus. Thus, you have to clean your toenails regularly to keep it clean and maintain hygiene. Instead of going for a pedicure every weekend, try these natural foot care tips to clean your toenails.

Wash: Whenever you come from outside, you get dirt and bacteria along. Do not mistake to think that shoes have protected your feet from such bacteria. Wash your feet immediately after entering home. Make it the first task after you reach home. Use lukewarm water to keep your feet and toenails clean. This kills the bacteria. You can also use apple cider vinegar to clean the toenails and prevent fungus naturally.

se a brush: When you wash your feet, use a soft brush to claen the toenails. Bacteria and dirt gets stuck in corner of the nails. So, clean the nail corners and skin with a soft brush. Apply an antiseptic soap and scrub gently with a brush. Do this regularly while taking bath and after coming from outside.
Keep toenails short: Your feet is exposed to dust, water and mud. The best natural way to keep the toenails clean is by having short nails. Women love to keep long toenails as it looks good with tip-toe heels or slippers. But, these long nails deposits bacteria and dirt that is difficult to take out. So, prefer short and well shaped toenails over big ones. Big toenails are risky too! The toenails can break off accidentally and this can be really painful.

Nail filer: Use a nail filer to clean the toenails. The pointed cleaner stick should be especially used toclean the corners and end of the toenails. Wash your feet before cleaning with the filer. This makes it easy to dig out the dry dirt from the corners of the nails. Be gentle while digging out dirt from wet nails. Extra pressure can break your toenail easily.

Moisturise: To keep your feet clean and soft, you should moisturise it regularly. This prevents the nails from chipping. Use a moisturiser to get shiny and soft nails naturally. It is one foot care tip to avoid cracks too!
May 19, 2015
You can also massage your feet and apply lotion. Once you have removed your dead skin than you must massage it properly and apply any lotion or moisturizer like vaseline, petroleum jelly etc on feet and then cover it by socks and then go to bed.

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