5 Ways to Avoid the Seven Year Itch in Marriage


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
5 Ways to Avoid the Seven Year Itch in Marriage

“Seven Year Itch”
in the marriage. Boredom can surely jeopardize the marriage. However, you can save your relationship by following some

In short it is a relationship term - usually after 7 years people tend to re-evaluate their relationship. There might be evidence that it is now much shorter but the original number 7 came from a time period where the average marriage only lasted 7 years.

. With a few adjustments we all can have a long happy union with the one we married. It is just a matter of overcoming the temptations and prioritizing your life.
5 Ways to Avoid the Seven Year Itch in Marriage
[h=4]Discover each other:[/h]Do not stopping finding out or uncovering your spouse everyday. Each day or week try to know something new about each other. You will be amazed to see how much you did not know about your partner.
[h=4]Communicate effectively:[/h]If you feel that your marriage is going through the seven year itch, be honest about it and discuss with your spouse. You both can work it out together, if you really want to save your marriage from boredom.
[h=4]Spice up your sex life:[/h]Nothing kills marriage more than the monotony in the bedroom. Try out new “acts”; “things”; “fantasies” from time to time. There should be no inhibitions as long as no one gets hurt. Get as naughty and wild as you can.
[h=4]Have separate lives:[/h]Do not be involved in each other’s lives too much. Have respective friends, hobbies, interests etc. Spend some time away from your partner if you want to
[h=4]avoid boredom in marriage[/h]. Distance does make heart grow fonder.
[h=4]Be realistic:[/h]We all start the relationship with the assumption that the romance will be alive all through our lives. But this is a little far fetched. If we have practical approach to our marriage then we can avoid it falling apart.

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