5 Ways to Reduce Back Pain At Work


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May 20, 2011
[h=1]5Ways to Reduce Back Pain At Work
Did you know thatback pain can result from poor posture and weak muscles? Are you aware thatinactivity can bring about backache?
If you wish toknow more about the role of muscles in back pain, what brings about back painand how to overcome back pain problems, then read along.

Causes of Lower Back Pain:
The real cause ofback pain is weak muscles coupled with poor body posture. Things likedegeneration of spine, slipped disc, sudden lifting, spondylolisthesis,arthritis, can do bring about back pain. But they are less common andconstitute about ten percent of back pain problems.

The underlyingcause for major back problems is a sedentary life style and poor body posture.

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weak muscles. Muscles when inactive and not used turnsoft. These weak muscles when subjected to stress of modern life will trigger amuscle spasm.

Sudden jerks,obesity, tension, fear, injury etc can trigger a muscle spasm resulting in backpain.

Poor posture at workcan also bring about back pain. When you don’t stand correctly or slop yourshoulders and walk, you put more pressure on one side of your body. The spinemay be tilted to one side often or there may be steep hollow in the back.

These can put a lotof pressure on back and can bring about spasm.
The overall verdictis, if the pelvis is balanced, and you have strong muscles, the majority ofback ache problems do not arise.
How To Reduce Back Pain:

Here are some ways tohelp your back. If you follow these ground rules you are sure to reduce backpain to a large extent.

Our spine is stressedout a lot when we bend our back and lift any object. These can cause many backinjuries if the muscles are weak.
The correct way tolift is given here. When lifting any object, hold the weight close to the body.Always bend your knees and keep back straight when griping the object. Let theweight be lifted more by knees than from back.
If you are liftingobjects high above you, then get a stool so that your spine does not arch. Andalways keep the object close to you as there is less stress on the back andless effort involved as well.


Sitting puts a lot ofpressure on back, even more than standing does. So it is always advisable tocheck out the ergonomics of the chair.
Always go for officechairs with back support. Make sure the chair is not very long as this cancause problems for the back. Let the chair have arm rests at sides.

The seat rest shouldbe firm and it should be at a height where the knees can be supported byground. If the feet do not touch the ground, add a stool or prop so that theknees are in level with hips.

A work chair whichcan be tilted or inclined, is the best friend for back as it relaxes the backmuscles.
It is a good idea totake frequent breaks from work and indulge in some stretching and moving atoffice.

Include aerobic andstrength training exercises in the week. Go for back strengthening exerciseswhich develop strong muscles. When muscles are strengthened, there is very lesschance of the back getting a spasm.

Give focus oncardiovascular and strengthening core muscles. This can be done by going forvarious exercises like ham strings, sit-ups, hip flexor stretches, leg liftsetc.

Back pain reliefexercises are one of the best ways to reduce back pain.

A good posture allowsthe back to curve normally, puts less pressure on spine and the back musclesare balanced enough protecting the spine. When the posture is not correctmuscles have to stretch more than required which leads to fatigue and stain.This extra effort weakens muscles overtime.

A good postureinvolves a straight back, shoulders slightly back, chin tucked in, chest outand stomach in. The spine curves in to a ‘S’ shape in a good posture.
Use a mirror forproper alignment. Think of an imaginary line behind the ear, nape of neck, baseof back till the middle of your ankle. The body should align itself to thisline. If you are stooping front or back at work, then you have a poor posture.

Form these habits,and you will definitely see a vast improvement in your back condition. Forsevere back pain, you must take adequate rest, and go for back pain treatments.


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Jul 26, 2012
Your analysis of backpain and its causes is very nice. the postures suggested also very helpful. thank you Sudhavaidhi

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