5 Ways To Use Eyeliner Differently


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Jun 8, 2011
Every item of your makeup kit can be put to many different uses. Take your lipstick for example. It has other uses apart from colouring your lips. In the same way, you can use your eye liner to do a lot more than just shaping your eyes. Not a single eye makeup idea is complete without a good quality eyeliner. So, every woman has one file of eyeliner in her makeup essentials. We also carry it around most of the time just to give a final touch before an important event.

To make more use of your eyeliner, you can try some ideas discussed below. Mind you, not all are eye makeup ideas.

The Various Uses Of Your Eyeliner:
1. Instant Bindi: Many Indian women use the eyeliner regularly to make instant bindis (designs) on their forehead. It is quick and easy because the eyeliner comes with a thin brush. If you have been into this for a while, then you can do it without looking into the mirror! This style of wearing bindis is much better than sticker bindis because you can change the design of your bindi according to your mood. A dot today, a line tomorrow and an arrow on the day after. If you have a fetish for using colourful eyeliners like blue or green, then you can match your bindi with your outfit everyday!

2. Darkening Eyebrows: Black eyeliner comes in very handy if you have faint eyebrows. You cannot wear heavy makeup if your eyebrows have sparse hair growth. To match the dazzling eye makeup ideas, you darken your brows with a touch of your pencil eyeliner. Just don't overdo it or else, your eyebrows will start looking darker than your hair. That is a total giveaway.

3. Cover Greys In No Time: Just like you used the eyeliner to darken your eyebrows on the previous occasion, you can put it to similar use on your hair. Many young women are greying early these days. If you have just a few embarrassing strands of grey hair, cover it up with a dark liquid eyeliner. It is a quick fix method to cover grey hair.

4. Make Shift Mascara: Imagine a makeup disaster situation where run out of mascara or it dries up in the bottle. Mascara is absolutely essential for any eye makeup idea to enhance the curves of the eyelashes. So, you can substitute your mascara with your eyeliner to have striking eyes with long lashes.

5. Your Fake Beauty Spot: A beauty spot like moles or birth marks can do a great deal for your face. A well place beauty spot just under your lips or on your chin highlights your best features. So make a beauty spot with your eye liner and look picture perfect. Just remember not to smudge it!

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