6 Reasons To Eat Beet Root


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Jul 5, 2011
6 Reasons To Eat Beet Root

No fat: This is one of the health benefits of beet root. The juicy vegetable has zero saturated fats in it. Beet root controls your sweet tooth craving and most importantly, it is very low in fats. If you are on diet and avoid sweets, this is one good reason to have beet root.

Energy booster: It is one of the known health benefits of beet root. Beets are a rich source of carbohydrates. So, if you feeling lazy and fatigued, just cut a beet root into slices and have it.

Rich in folic acid: Women need folic acid to increase the production of new cells. Pregnant women especially need a proper supplement of folic acid. Instead of taking pills that are rich in folic acid, go for the natural beet root.

Nutritious: Parents feel that this is one important reason to include beet root in the diet. Well, you have a good reason to have this dark red vegetable as it is rich in nutrition. Beet root is a good source of vitamin A and C, betaine, calcium, minerals, magnesium, phosphorous, niacin and iron to name a few.

Heart healthy: One of the health benefits of beet root is, it reduces high blood pressure. Moreover, beet root improves blood circulation in the body and fights hypertension (the reasons that cause cardiovascular diseases). Betaine in beet root reduces the concentration of homocysteine (a substance that contribute to peripheral vascular disease and heart stroke). Betaine also reduces fat deposits from the bloodstream that blocks the blood flow to the heart.

Healthy juice: You might have seen fitness freaks having a glass of red beet root juice after a workout. Beet root juice is known as the energy fuel. Moreover, one of the healthy reasons to make adults have beet root is, this juice reduces hypertension within one hour!

These are few reasons to have beet root in your diet


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Viji, Really wonderful benefits that you have brought about Beet Root. thanks for the same

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