7 Benefits of cabbage


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Jun 28, 2011
Cabbage is very delicious vegetable witch is liked by the majority of the people, however, some people dislike it. It has a pleasant and humble look having harder outer green leaves and light yellow inner soft leaves. It is cooked and also eaten uncooked and used as a salad. This delightful vegetable is very beneficial for health. Here are given some benefits of Cabbage for health and checkout below.

* It is a best option for you witch helps in treating, repairing and wearing in body. It is used as treatment of stomach, colon, lungs and prostate cancer and ulcer.

* It is a best source of iodine which helps in body development and muscular building.

* It brings down the serum cholesterol in blood.

* It contains vitamin B witch is an energy booster.

* It provides the vitamin D which is helpful in increasing calcium and keeps the skin virgor as well.

* It is a rich source of vitamin E and D that is much effectible for maintaining the freshness of skin.

* It is very necessary to add more and more cabbage in your diet as soups, salad and cooking Chinese dishes.

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