7 Steps To Choose The Best Diet For Your weightloss


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
7 Steps To Choose The Best Diet For Your weightloss

To choose the diet that will your answer to weight loss problems, you need to be very carefully. Never go on a diet until and and unless you are 200 percent sure that it is the best diet plan for you. Every single person is unique in terms of body structure, food habits and metabolism rates. Celebs may get away with following bizarre diets that amount to starvation but you cannot. You have to be reasonable and select a healthy diet plan that will not make you ill.

Here are 7 salient points to keep in mind when you a choose a diet that is right for you and your weight loss needs.

7 Steps To Choose A Diet:

1. Count Calories: The best diet plans are always based on calories and not portions of food. Any diet that tells you that you have to have only 2 helpings of porridge and not 3 must be able to justify itself with the calorie count. Either you calculate your calorie count for the day and eat anything that fits the limit or you balance it out.

2. Your Unique Weight Loss Needs: You age, how much weight you need to lose and your lifestyle determines which diet you choose. As your metabolism rate slows down with age you need to consume less calories. If you are doing hard physical labour or lots of traveling then your calorie consumption must be more than someone at a desk job. A diet has to take these finer elements into account.

3. Does It Contain All The Nutrient Groups? The easier way to ask this question is, is your diet balanced? A diet that excludes any nutrient group (carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, fibres etc.) completely can never be a healthy diet plan. No carb diets, liquid diet and others do so and are therefore not suitable for you.

4. Is It Filling Enough? Your diet should never make you starve. You cannot go binge eating on junk foods but a diet should always give you alternatives to satisfy your hunger. Any diet that tells you that tells you to go to sleep on half stomach is a fad and all the weight lose by starvation will come back.

5. Stay Away From Fad Diets: Fad diets are those diets that concentrate on speedy weight loss by ignoring all health rules. Beware of them.

6. Substitute& Exchange: Always have food cooked at home; this gives you control over how many calories you consume. You can always substitute the food prescribed with something of similar nutrient value. Do not go for prepacked food diets.

7. How Much Weight You Lose In A Week? It is not advisable to lose more that 3-4 kgs of weight in a weeks time. The best diet plans may be rigorous but never brutal enough to make you drop more than a pound in 7 days.

Use these good health tips to choose the diet that suits you best.

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