7 Tips On How to Cut Your Hair Yourself


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Jul 5, 2011
If a woman has a well cut hair then she will look absolutely stunning. She should choose the style and length of the hair cut depending on the facial features.

Did you know that some of the most famous hair stylists started off by cutting their hair themselves first? Cutting your hair yourself can be fun if you are diligent enough to learn and practice it. There are many advantages of cutting one’s own hair. It saves you a lot of time, which you would have spent waiting in a queue of a parlor and also it saves you a handsome amount of money!

Cutting your hair yourself is not as difficult as you might think it to be. All that is required is a complete understanding of the basic hair cutting mechanism. The following seven basic steps, will make you proficient in cutting your hair all by yourself.

1. Get the Basic Amenities Ready.
Cutting your own hair requires some basic arrangements. You need a spray bottle, hair untangling serum, towel, some clips, comb, and most importantly a pair of sharp professional scissors. Note that choosing the correct scissors is very important as they play a vital role in bringing out the best results. Never use the same pair of scissors, which you used for cutting paper or cloth. Buy a professional pair available at all beauty retail stores.

2. Wet Your Hair.
It is best to cut the hair when it is damp. Damp your hair by spraying the hair with water. For best results you can shampoo your hair just before doing the haircut. While you shampoo, ensure you clean the scalp well. Use a mild shampoo and then condition it well and soak it in a towel. Do not blow dry it.

3. Get Your Hair Ready For The Haircut.
After you have shampooed your hair use a serum to untangle the knots and comb the hair using a wide- toothed comb as this will prevent hair loss. Leave the hair for 5 minutes to dry a little on its own then comb it well with a comb. Your hair is ready to be cut.

4. Divide the Hair Into Sections.
Make sure you know the kind of haircut you want. Then accordingly, divide your hair into various sections. Take up one section at a time and clip up or tie up the other sections in a neat manner so that there is no chance of them getting cut accidentally.

5. Cut Half An Inch Only.
It is best to cut the hair slowly. Even if you want to reduce the length of your hair, it is best to cut them half inch or one inch at a time.

6. Move to the Next Side Only After Completing One Side.
This will prevent you from getting an untidy haircut. Move onto another section only after finishing the previous one. Also, make sure you tie them well, so that they do not come in the way of the section you are currently cutting.

7. Practice till You Reach Perfection.
This is the secret of success! Enjoy yourself and keep practicing.

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