8 Worst Feelings In The World...


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
8 Worst Feelings In The World...

When was the last time when you felt worst? When you had a break up or when you disappointed your parents or loved one by committing a mistake? Well, there are a list of worst feelings that every human being faces in his or her lifetime. Here are some really common worst feelings in the world that anyone can face. Check out....

8 worst feelings:
When you have to share: Sharing is caring but sharing everything is completely out of the question. There are few friends who love to share things with you but, you might not be comfortable in sharing everything with your friends. For example, you bought a new dress but, your friend takes it away without asking you! A worst feeling!!!

When you sleep hungry: Sleeping hungry can really frustrate you. Sometimes, you get busy with some work due to which you skip your dinner. Sleeping with an empty stomach is one of the top 10 worst feelings in the world. Even after having a meal, sometimes you get tempted to have some dessert. You feel bad when the dessert is not available. This is another feeling that can make you restless all night.

When you are betrayed: You love or like someone but, the person betrays you. Breaking somebody's trust is one of the worst feelings in the world. You need to have enough strength to move on in life. Not only your partner but your friends also break your trust and this is painful!

If you have hurt someone without knowing: Without your knowledge, you hurt someone. You do not realize it in the beginning unless you face it. Out of anger or frustration, you yell at your close ones. You actually hurt someone and realize later. You feel bad for spoiling the good mood of others for no reason!

When you commit a mistake: No one is born perfect. You can commit a mistake at any point of your life. You feel bad when you make a mistake without knowing and get blamed for it! It is like paying the bill for your enemy's girlfriend!

When your boss is wrong and you can't prove it: All your hard effort goes for a toss when your boss says, "You are wrong." This is another worst feeling because you cannot go against your boss and prove yourself right.

Paying for someone you won't get: When you go for shopping or hang out with friends, you do not mind swapping your card. But, going out with your friend's girlfriend who can't be yours is a worse feeling! Moreover, paying for her is another pain!

When you spoil your dress on the first date: You take one hour to dress up for your first date. When you are all set to impress your date, something spills on your clothes and the stain is clearly visible. All the effort to look great goes in vein!

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