a dress that can be folded into a skirt


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
a dress that can be folded into a skirt

Ever thought of a dress that can multi-function as a long dress, short dress, pencil or mini skirt, top or even a wide belt? Well, Wolford's Fatal dress is all this and a dream solution for a holiday suitcase.

And at 89 dollars, the Fatal dress - a seamless tube of stretchy fabric designed to be worn in multiple ways - is much more of a bargain.

Made of 93 per cent nylon and 7 per cent elastane, the Fatal comes in extra small, small and medium sizes (and 12 different colours), and, surprisingly for such a delicate fabric, is machine washable.

It is a minuscule square of wafer-thin material, which unfurls to reveal what looks like an overgrown elastic boob tube, reports the Daily Mail.

The dress comes with a style guide included in the box.

And the more you fold the better is its body-sculpting effect.

Depending on your figure, there really are endless possibilities on how you wear it.

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