A healthy and wholesome dessert


Yuva's of Penmai
Jun 28, 2012
A healthy and wholesome dessert

Banana halwa is a tasty dish and a favourite with children. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother.

What you need

Banana - 6

Sugar - 500 ml

Ghee – 250 ml

Cashewnut – 50 mg

Maida – 250 ml

Vanilla essence - 1/2tbsp

Cooking instructions

Cut the banana into equal sizes. Heat the pan and add two spoons of ghee and banana and sauté for five minutes. Then switch off the stove and wait till the mixture cools to room temperature. Smash the banana, add maida to it, turn on the heat and stir well. When the mixture starts thickening add sugar and ghee and stir continuously. When it reaches a halwa consistency transfer to a plate and garnish with cashew and vanilla essence.
courtesy:"the Hindu

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