A P J Abdul Kalam gives kids 'wings to fly'


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
A P J Abdul Kalam gives kids 'wings to fly'

"Education gives you wings to fly," was the magic mantra given by former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to the students of Cathedral Composite Pre-University College and High School on Friday.

The school invited Kalam for an interactive session with the senior school students. The topic of discussion was: "I am born with wings".

Talking with students from class 9 to II PU, Kalam said: "Only unique people are remembered forever and if a youngster wants to be remembered than he/she has to give their best to the world. The challenge is to fight the hardest battle until you achieve your destination."

He also shared a secret of being unique with the students. "We must have a great brain before we turn 20. We must acquire up to date knowledge. We must work hard. We must learn to defeat all problems and succeed in life. This is the formula to achieve uniqueness," said Kalam.

Kalam asked them to remember: "I am born with potential, goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and determination. I am born with greatness and confidence. I am born with wings. So I am not meant for crawling, because I have wings. I fly, I fly, and I fly."

Happiness, he said, begins with the mother at home, "Because a happy mother makes happy home. A happy home makes a happy society and a happy society makes a happy country. Tell your mother to be always happy and your father to be transparent (non-corrupt)," he said.

"Energy free from fossil fuel will be the most important resource in the next few decades. India by 2020 will need 2000 MW of power and we will be generating nuclear power in next few months to meet our requirements," he said. The session ended with Kalam giving an oath t

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