A Valentine’s Day guide for dummies


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
A Valentine’s Day guide for dummies

Whether you're the kind that scoffs at the thought of V-day but gets emotionally blackmailed into buying something for your girl, or are the type that enthusiastically plans everything from the background music to the gift for the day, here are a few tips you should keep in mind while making V-day plans.

For him:
'I love you' isn't a pick up line
Please, keep in mind that this day is not for you to profess your love to a girl you barely know or met just yesterday! 'I Love You' is not a pick up line. Use it, and you completely
sabotage your chances of a next date with her.

Chocolate, roses etc — No
While roses and chocolates are really sweet, they're cliche. They can be an add-on to a better, more thoughtful gift.

Personalise your gifts
Since you know her likes and dislikes, make sure you give her something personal — like a song or a poem you wrote for her, or her favourite book. Even better, bake for her — maybe a heart-shaped muffin. No matter how messy it turns out to be, women love the little effort you put in for them.

Match her mush-factor
Fact check: Not all girls like grand celebrations. Save yourself and your girl some embarrassment and before planning a celebration or a gift, know her sensibilities and match it.

Make her feel special
She might keep harping on how February 14 is very 'commercial' or that 'love doesn't have just one day' but hey, you just need a reason to celebrate, right? Make her feel special.

For her:
Make an effort
V-Day isn't 'Women's Day' where only you get pampered. Make an effort to make the day special for him too. After all, Valentine's Day is for 'couples'.

Don't embarrass him
Men usually aren't the mushy kinds, so unless you want him to end up being the laughing stock at his workplace or college, don't send a big bouquet of flowers or some such things! And definitely give those greeting cards with cheesy lines a miss. Keep it simple.

Do something fun
Romantic candle-light dinner, chocolates etc etc., just cut the mush out, girls. For a change, why not do something fun? Like going bowling or playing laser tag. He is definitely gonna love it!

Don't pressurise him
There is one important thing you need to know about men — they are not as expressive as women. So don't expect him to match your enthusiasm and PDA. Do not bombard him with calls, messages and reminders of how special the day is. This way, you'll only end up making it a horrifying day for him. While it's good to discuss your plans, constantly bugging him with questions like when and where to meet, what to wear, blah blah, will only prove to be a dampener. Do not nag. Instead, wait for him to call you.

Don't snub his efforts
If your man gives you just a rose or a dress that you already have, don't blow the moment away by saying, "Oh, but I already have this". Be gracious and accept it. Learn to appreciate him for his thoughtful gestures. It's much better than not having some

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