A Week Diet


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Jul 5, 2011
If you need to lose a few pounds fast, the perfect solution is a diet for a week. In this case, you need some self-control and willpower.

If you want to get the desired result, it should comply with all recommendations..

If you have a chronic disease of the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, gastrointestinal tract, then before you start using this method of feeding, consult your doctor.

Typically, the diet for a week is a defined, low-calorie diet, from which removed virtually all foods containing fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to the human body begins to actively use the sediments of the body. But there is another side. With such a diet is more likely to gain a few pounds on top of their original weight after its completion.

The fact is that this aggressive weight loss, our bodies are poorly perceived. And when you will eat food normally, it will lay it on your hips and stomach as a reserve. Therefore, it is important to observe not only the observance of certain rules of diet during that when you follow the diet. But still need to compile and correct use of food your schedule at the time, which will be after its completion.

In fact, it briefly, it will be enough just one week. To add to your diet routine products is needed gradually and in small portions. Because of this your body will not experience stress and repeated his work will not be distinguishable from the usual.

Because of these qualities diet for a week is the most commonly used. This diet is followed by the men and women of different age groups and achieves a specified period of the desired result. But before you start to use it you should consult with the attending physician.

Typically, the diet for a week is consumption within the specified time practically only one type of product. At the same time completely excluded from the diet sugar, bread, potatoes. In some cases, it concerns meat and meat products, poultry, cheese and dairy products. Cheese, in most cases, you can eat. However, portions of these products are minimal. Therefore, the hunger will haunt you all the time diet.

In order to drown it out eat greens, for example lettuce. As well, in this case help fruit crisps and water. In fact, when you feel hunger, 50% of the body requires no food, but water. So drink still water of medicinal springs. Its use will help you to rid the body of toxins and purify it.

When you follow diet for a week you should drink a complex of vitamins and minerals. Because at this time, your diet is very poor in nutrients and their absence can negatively affect the overall work of your body.

This type of diet is completely contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers. When using it you will cause irreparable harm to the child and lose breast milk. This is due to a sharp decrease of nutrients in your body. Therefore, before using this method of weight loss, make sure that you’re in an interesting position. And for the rest of this food is a great way to lose weight in a short time.

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