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Mar 21, 2014
Hi all,

I have a small problem in my newly wedded life. U all guess that its MIL,no not at all. she is neutral in nature .e. neither helps me

nor disturbs me. I am a office going girl of 27 years. Most of the time my MIL stays with her parents since they are very old. Once in a month she will visit me. My daily routine is morning i will prepare breakfast for me,hubby ad FIL and leave for office by 7;30, then will reach home at 6:30 in the evening.Then i will prepare dinner and do the rest of the household chores and make ready everything for next day's breakfast. Daily i will go to bed by 11:30 pm. Eventhough i feel exhauste to balance both family life and profession i got adjusted to it. My problem is my SIL. she is aroung 5 years elder to me and is marriedfor 4 years. She is very lazy woman in the worlsd i have seen. she frequently visits our house and stays for months.I came to know that she came for delivery and stayed in her mothers home for 2 years. When her brother i.e., my husband got married she left and again came back after 1 month. For 2 months i somehow managed to balance household chores alone,she never ever helped me.but when this extended i lost my patience level and told her to help me. Then the problem started. She is saying that she is having kid and cant do anything else other than taking care of her kid. Even my MIL supported her and never allowed her to do any work. she stayed for 2 months then somehow i quarreled with her saying that woman should always live with her husband.
SHe left quarelling with me and again she is coming back next week. Ladies what should i do? My husband is telling me to adjust with her? Please advise me.


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Jun 25, 2014
hi nithya you can't avoid her visit to your house. no other option is there for you nithya. you have to adjust with her. you do whatever the work you do normally in your home. i mean when she is not in home. don't allow your mind to expect her to work or accompany you for any work. if you expect only, you will get disappointed. so don't expect anything from her. just do your routine works. if she asked your help for her or her baby, you also simply reply that you are busy with that work so ask her to do it by herself. so that there may be chance for her to understand your work pressure.

please don't argue or fight her, there is no use in that. only for few days or months she will be here, so make your mind to adjust with the things.

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