All for a sparkling smile


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
All for a sparkling smile

Your attire is incomplete, unless you wear a smile, they say. And how about making that smile sparkle? Tooth jewellery is here to make it glitzy with colours that match the colours of dress.The trend of young women fixing sparkles to teeth is slowly catching up with cosmetologists offering the service in the coastal town. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a birthday, one may just walk into the clinic of cosmetologists or specialized dentists to get that glitzy smile.Many clinics offer bridal package, which include cleaning teeth and fixing of tooth jewellery. Fixing sparkles is a hassle-free affair nowadays as it does not involve any drilling or any complicated procedures.

Consultant prosthodontist and implantologist Dr Rakshith Hegde told TOI that tooth jewellery can be fixed without any intervention of equipment and there is no chance of getting the teeth damaged with the new techniques. It costs anywhere between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000 to fix sparkles and the procedure takes less than five minutes. Sparkles of one's choice that matches the colour of dress are being fixed using adhesive or tooth cement. "It can last for more than a week and it can be removed the very next day after celebrations," he said.Various type of tooth jewellery, including crystals of different colours and designs, are available in the market.

Majority of brides walk into the clinics just a day before the marriage to for that "matching smile". "Clinics in the city get an average of 20-30 customers a year, and demand peaks during wedding season," he added.Egyptians are considered as the 'Gurus of Cosmetology'. They were having their tooth drilled to fix costly stones including diamonds, rubies and gems. "The trend, which had lost its significance due to the complicated procedure of drilling the teeth, came back with the innovative technique of fixing sparkles," Dr Rakshith said.

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