always quarrels and fight between my children.... really i dont know how to handle them

Aug 27, 2014
hi all i have 2 childs. first one is boy who is studying 7th std and second one is girl who is studying 3rd std. they are always making quarrel and fights in home. for small things and all they each other started fighting. to see tv, doing homework, playing games in computer, for cycling, going for nearby shops for each and everything somehow they find any reason to start fight.many times i adviced both to adjust with each other. that time they both compromised. but after that they doing the same thing. even i scolded too. but they are keep doing that only.i fedup with them. pls give me some ideas to handle. how to make them to be calm in home. they both have more love with each other but when comes to fight, i cant handle them. how to make them to have smooth relationship without any fights. pls tell me any ideas to handle my children.

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