Am I right or wrong

Jan 25, 2012
I m married for 4 years... we are living together for past 1 year only to pursue master husband told that he will buy me diamond earring for me...during billing he gave a gold chain for exchange that was given by my father during our wedding...he doesn't spend single rupee for that earring. I was devastated with it..his mother knows that he was going to exchange that gold chain but I don't have any clue..he himself said that his mother was very important to him than anyone in the world...if me n his mother say any ideas he choose his mother s only...I kept him first in my life then only my kid n parents will come.. I m feeling my love was being ignored n crushed..


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Dec 2, 2011

All these happens in married life.

Most of the men will be more inclined towards only their mother even after their marriage. This will last atleast for few years. They cannot immediately change their mind towards their wife who is a new comer in his life, as most of the women do change themselves immediately.

You have also said that, you are living with your husband only for the past 1 year despite being married for 4 years.

So, be patient. It will surely take some more years for your husband to show interest/love towards you .

Yes...may be, since your MIL might have suggested this method to buy the new diamond ear ring which is quite costly.

He need not have done this. More than doing this, he need not have bought you that itself.

If you feel insecure with your jewelery, you may opt for a separate locker in a bank and keep the locker keys with you.

You should be very careful in handling this issue. Nobody should be hurt.

You may tell them that the ornaments should be in a safe place due to theft happenings around the city.

For this, you can also tell them that one day or the other, your parents may inquire about the jewels given by them and it is unnecessary to exchange them for the new ornaments. And that your parents may loose respect in your husband due to this activity.

Do not think your MIL as an enemy. Try to think her as your second mother and show respect and affection towards her. She may surely reciprocate this to you.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

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