Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Onions


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Jul 5, 2011
Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Onions

Onions smell good when they are fried and your mouth stinks when you eat them raw. But if you knew all the health benefits of onions in the uncooked form, then you would probably not mind the stink that much. As such, onions benefit your health in several ways. But raw onions are probably the most beneficial when it comes to your health and skin.

Here are some of the most important health benefits of onions if you have them raw.:

1. Onions Fight Cancer: Onions are best known source of quercitin, an antioxidant whose benefits are so many that it is impossible to list all. It fights cancer, is anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-allergic and has many more benefits for your health. Many of benefits of onions are linked to quercitin.

2. Onions Are Heart Healthy: One of major health benefits of onions is that they are healthy for the heart. This is due to multiple reasons. Onions help in thinning the blood and avoid clotting of the blood. It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol that come from trans fats. Onions benefit you by increasing the amount of good cholesterol or HDL.

3. Onions Are Therapeutic For Asthma: Ancient medicinal sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine also use raw onions for treating asthma. Onions are basically anti-spasmodic, so they prevent the formation of chemicals that make your bronchial muscles go into spasms (thus causing an asthma attack).

4. Onions Detoxify Your Body: Onions are a rich source of sulphur. Thus, detoxification is included in the list of the health benefits of onions. Onions have sulphur containing amino acids that are called methionine and cystine. These amino acids hold on to metallic toxins like mercury, lead etc and aid their removal from the body. Apart from that, onions also contain vitamin C which is a very potent compound to de-detoxify your system.

5. An Onion A Day Keeps Diabetes At Bay: The benefits of onions for diabetics has surprised many medical practitioners. A glass of onion juice (raw) can help lower blood sugar levels substantially. Many doctors believe that it works better at controlling blood sugar than many accepted medications for diabetes!
These are the main multi-faceted benefits of onion in the uncooked form. If you plan to eat healthy, then do include at least one onion in your salad everyday.

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