An alternative for keeping hair off face


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
An alternative for keeping hair off face

Even the best hairstyles get tiresome day in and day out, so mix it up! These two styles are nearly as fast and easy to do as a standard pony.

The Double Twist

Part your hair in the middle, then pick up a one-inch-wide section of hair on either side of the part.
Twist both away from your face with your fingers, as if you were twirling your hair while daydreaming.
Join the ends together just below the crown of your head and secure with a hair band. If hair is too short to join in the back, secure each twist to the side of your head with bobby pins or mini jaw clips.
Leave the rest of your hair down.

The Braided Bun

Gather your hair into a low ponytail.
Braid it all the way to the end and tie off with a rubber band.
Wind the braid around the ponytail holder to make a bun, and secure the end with a few bobby pins.
Use hairspray to hold the shorter pieces in place.

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