Android app for UV index detection

I am s software engineer, and understand the damage sunlight's UV component can do to human skin. Most of us know scientists have devised an index called UV index which tells how much damaging can sunlight be your skin. Higher the UV index, more damaging it is to skin health. Various ill effects of high UV index can be sunburn, skin aging, DNA damage, skin cancer and eye damage such as cataracts.
So there is always a need to find value of UV index before you step out of indoors so that one can take precautionary measures. I have developed an app for Android phones called UVcheck. This application helps users in finding out the UV index in a geographic locality.Link is:

User can either select location from map(search facility is also provided) OR ask app to find UV index for current location. Apart from displaying current UV index, app has the facility to show hourly report OR daily report.
Hourly report:It shows a bar graph which displays UV index for next 5 hours including current hour.

Daily report: It displays a bar graph which carries maximum UV index for next 5 days including current day. Time of max UV index is also displayed.
PS:Currently, daily report is accurate for US and UK regions only.

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