Anti Aging Makeup: Tightening Loose Skin


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Anti Aging Makeup: Tightening Loose Skin

As you grow older, your skin also starts aging. There may be countless brands for anti aging makeup but to tighten loose skin you require experience and skill. Many actresses undergo facelifts to look young forever but tightening loose skin through makeup is reasonably a better option as it will not burn your pockets. Take a look for makeup tips.
Women with dark or dusky skin tone are a little lucky when it comes to loose skin problems. Their sagging skin is not as viewable as that of the lighter skin tones. Wrinkles and age lines are extremely difficult to hide for fair complexion but these tips can give ideas.

About Tightening Loose Skin And Anti Aging Makeup

1. Massaging face with yogurt, honey and vitamin E oil can make wonders in improving skin. It prevent wrinkles, fine lines and spots that commonly occur due to old age. Before you begin with makeup, cleanse your face with yogurt.

2. A pea sized moisturiser can retain moisture on dry face. Liquid foundation will not only blend and spread well on face but will also prevent dry flaky look. Do not opt for powder or compact unless your face is oily. The skin tone of the liquid foundation can be slightly darker than your skin colour so that it will even out and make face more clear.

3. Prefer cream based blushes instead of the powder ones. Don't pick too rosy and bright blushes, prefer natural and light shimmer tones. The application is also different for sagging skin, use a large fluffy brush to spread blush from nose to the highest point on cheekbones.

4. Use are darker foundation (darker than face foundation) to conceal double or sagging chin. While applying the base on neck, start the application from neck to chin to prevent it sag even more. Choose simple neck-pieces instead of the heavy ones.

5. Do not highlight the eyes if you have loose skin under eyes, avoid colouring eye lids. Your lip colours need to be light and natural. Even applying little ghee (clarified butter) or honey on lips would be just perfect. Honey tightens loose skin naturally!

Wearing a simple pearl or crystal drops to divert the attention of the viewer from your face. The drops will always make you look younger and slimmer.
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