Appendicitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


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Sep 3, 2012

The most common symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain, which can be initially felt in the middle stomach and then in the right lower abdomen.

It can produce some other symptoms like loss of hunger, queasiness, vomiting and fever.

Sometimes, patients of appendicitis can also experience constipation and diarrhea.

Opinion and cure

Diagnosis of appendicitis usually begins with assessment of medical history and physical examination. The physician usually looks for kindness in the right lower abdomen by gently pushing there. Spreading of the virus to peritoneum can cause recoil tenderness. Rebound tenderness refers to the pain felt when the doctor releases his hand after pushing the abdomen.

In addition to these, the patients of appendicitis can have high body temperature. Besides, blood test is carried out to find out the count of white blood cells, as any kind of infection involves a prominent level of white blood cells in the blood.

Sometimes other tests like CT scan, abdominal X-ray, urinalysis and ultrasound can be required for proper diagnosis of the syndrome.


Treatment of appendicitis usually involves the surgical removal of the appendix from the body, as its burst or bursting may result in spread of the infection causing bacteria and waste material to the other parts of the body. This can cause infection in the abdomen and peritoneum, which can lead to really severe situations. The appendix can be removed by open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopy involves a small incision in the abdomen to insert laparoscope. The video camera present in the laparoscope gives an extravagant image of the inside of the abdomen to carry out the surgery. For removing the appendix, some tiny surgical instruments are inserted through the incisions made on the abdomen.

The advantage of such a surgery is that it ensures faster recovery and healing. But, rupture of the appendix and the consequential spreading of infection to the other parts of abdomen may need open surgery. In open surgery, a large abdominal scratch is required to remove the appendix.

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