Are you a dad-to-be?


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Jul 5, 2011
Are you a dad-to-be?

Turn a blind eye to mood swings, avoid lectures about food - and don't even think about touching her breasts. Here are some dos and definite don'ts for first-time fathers

Is your partner pregnant for the first time? Watching her body change and preparing for the birth is exciting, but can be stressful and daunting for her. At the same time it is also an overwhelming time for you. Here are a few dos and don'ts for fathers-to-be.

Coping with common symptoms

Morning sickness
Everyone's heard of it, lots of women have it and nobody likes it. Many scientists believe it is an evolutionary adaptation to discourage women from eating dodgy food. You'd have thought that a pamphlet would have sufficed.

It's certainly true that pregnant women have a sense of smell that would equip them for a career as a police drugs dog.

So what can you do to help? One thing you shouldn't do is insist that your partner continues to force down a healthy diet if it makes her hurl. A spell of eating little else but grapes isn't the end of the world - and if that's all she can keep down, that's what's for dinner.

Sore breasts
During early pregnancy many women have extremely sensitive and sore breasts - keep off!

The worst of the sore-breast phase has usually passed by the end of the third month, so despite the fact that they are almost taunting you by becoming even more fulsome and attractive, the least you can do is keep your hands to yourself for a while.

Pregnant women get very tired. The best way to cope is simple: give in.

Mood swings
Even though it's extremely hard at times to avoid a row with someone who is crying at the weather forecast one minute and screaming at a cupboard that refuses to open smoothly the next, the onus is on you to take one for the team, swallow the bitter pill of righteousness and end any rifts quickly. Think of the children, man, think of the children.

Must-dos month by month...

Month One
Make no mistake, how you react to a positive pregnancy test will be remembered, regurgitated and requited for decades. For the love of God, don't convey any fear or anxiety. She's probably twice as scared as you, so the last thing she needs is you screaming: "S***!"

Month Two
Your wife's metabolic rate starts to increase and she will begin to take in more protein and more calories. This is fine and best not mentioned.

Month Three
This one is a blinder. Sign up for antenatal classes and watch the mother-to-be of your child melt in admiration when you tell her you've been researching parenting classes.

Month Four
Become Tarzan. The slightest fall for your partner can mean serious problems. Gently suggest that you are now chief lifter and mover.

Month Five
Be warned: you will be called upon, on a regular basis, to massage your partner. If, like most of us, your idea of a massage is 15 seconds of Chinese burns followed by a few karate chops, do some internet research to find a few gentle but effective massage techniques.

Month Six
Give her a wedgie. Google 'pregnancy wedge pillow' and buy her one. She gets to support her bump in bed, and you look like the best fatherto-be a gal could wish for.

Month Seven
Booking your partner a pedicure at this stage, when the chances of her reaching her toes to paint them are slim, will go down a storm.

Month Eight
Haemorrhoids, an ugly-looking word for an ugly complaint. If your partner is suffering on the pile front, buy a good natural remedy - and offer to apply it regularly. It's the least you can do.

Month Nine
Politely tell friends and family you'll let them know as soon as something happens. It's a long enough month without having to field daily requests for "any news".

It's a baby!
You might have to bear some fruity outbursts from the love of your life while she's in labour. Don't be surprised if you are showered with obscenities during each contraction. But you'd take sitting next to the bed over being the one in it any day of the week, right?

However, your baby is delivered, whatever your partner has to go through, there will be a moment when you see your baby for the first time. Covered in blood and amniotic fluid, he or she will be handed to your partner and neither of you will have seen anything so amazingly beautiful in your entire lives. You, my friend, are a father.

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